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Light Headed And Burning Headache

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Well I am very new to this. It started a month ago - I usually never eat bread products, pasta etc. just because I like to stick to a healthy diet so I never had an issue. However, a month ago I started eating muffins, tea biscuits, bread etc. just because I was stuck at my desk at work all day. I did not know the effect this would have. I noticed right away that I was bloated, gas, and my stomach hurt almost immediately after eating this stuff but I never made the connection that I might be gluten intolerant. Then one night I woke up and had a wave of dizziness, followed by burning in the back of my head (I saw stars!) I felt faint so I laid down which then I became cold and sweaty at the same time until the diarrhea hit me and I was intensly sick all night long.

I then made the connection and realized what led up to it. When I think back this has happened 3 times before in my life and I always thought I had food poisoning. But my mother was diagnosed recently and I finally made the connection.

Here is my question - I have been following the gluten free diet for about 4 weeks now. Last night I took a multi vitamin with green tea extract and I tell you I thought I was going to pass out I was scared. There is no gluten in it. Now, I that same day earlier I ate gluten free cookies and a bag of lays chips. I wonder if when your body is so sensitive and off balance that even though you are eating gluten free you still fill sick when eating processed (although gluten free) products.

I stayed awake all night and I could literally feel my gut contracting and moving. If I put my hand on my stomach I could feel the pressure. I also felt my intestines contracting and my head hurt - I felt dizzy and burning in the back of my head.

Needless to say that today I will only eat unprocessed foods.

Has anyone experienced this. I feel like I am nuts and making it up in my head. I have a doctors appt on Friday.

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If you are going to be tested for Celiac you have to eat gluten. :(

A food journal is very helpful starting a gluten free diet. You can be sensitive to some of the gluten free replacement flours. For instance, I can't seem to tolerate sorghum. Alot of people complain about Lay's products too.

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