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Can Anyone Explain These Test Results For Me?

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I got my blood work results in and I have no idea what any of it means.



ANTIBODY, IGA Value Explanation of Test Results

< 5 Negative

5 - 8 Equivocal

> 8 Positive

IMMUNOGLOBULIN A 282 81-463 mg/dl

I'm assuming it's negative. I thought there was another test, but I guess not. Did I miss one? I ordered what was called the celiac panel, but two tests doesn't seem right.

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Your assumptions were correct. While technically that is the only reliable test for celiac disease, it tells nothing of any gluten intolerance. The tests you're missing are IgA/IgG-Gliadin. Luckily with the Total IgA result you received it means that the IgA tests are decently valid, ie. your body is not deficient in IgA production.

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