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Confused in Iowa

Tests Came Back Negative But What Else Could It Be!

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My son was diagnosed Celiac 4 years ago and he's doing great with his gluten free diet (he's 15 and does an awesome job) - I have started having some issues with my thyroid, so getting my blood checked regularly to regulate that, but the last blood test shows that I have extremely low levels of vitamin B12 and D. I am just sure I have Celiac's as I have a lot of the same symptoms as my son had, foggy feeling, moody, etc. (he doesn't get physically ill with gluten, just mentally out of whack.) But the tests came back negative - I'm asking to be referred to a specialist....of course my small town dr. I don't think has much experience with it. He simply suggested I go on a gluten free diet. I tried to explain that if I went gluten free, it would make further tests inaccurate, and that a gluten free diet is not an easy or cheap diet to follow. Any suggestions????

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