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1St Appt. W/gastro Tomorrow...

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My almost 4 yr. old has an appt. tomorrow for a gastro. to recheck her labs that she had at the peds. She tested + for the IGG Gliadin but was negative for the other tests. She has 98% of the symptoms of Celiac.

Anyway, what should I have them do tomorrow? Or what should I ask? Any advice?

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They may wish to try and schedule an endoscopy to double check, although the IgG gliadin isn't technically specifically related to anything they'd find in an endoscopy but the IgA test they'd be looking for wouldn't necessarily be high in a young child no matter what. They may wish to simply just go with the negative tests and send you home without any instructions. It's really all up to the doctor and how much/little they know about this condition, ask the doctor what happens if they do an endoscopy and are unable to find evidence of intestinal damage. Will they simply say the blood test is a fluke and that there's absolutely no cause to try a gluten-free treatment? Or will they actually recommend a gluten-free diet anyways and base diagnosis on whether or not she responds to the diet. If it's the first option then you'll want to see a different GI doctor as blood tests are more than enough reason to at least try the gluten-free treatment. If it's the second option you may want to ask why they're going to charge you for a procedure that won't affect the outcome of the treatment at all.

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