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Following gluten-free Diet And Symptoms Have Returned

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Hi Everyone-

I have been gluten-free for 2 years and have NEVER cheated ( to my knowledge anyway) and all of a sudden, I am getting the same symptoms I had when I first was diagnosed with celiacs. No matter what I ate, my stool was a tan color and was a "fatty" stool. I was often constipated and never felt emptied. After seeing doing tests, we discovered that I had celiacs.

I had a daughter 15 mths ago and about 6 months ago everything satarted falling apart. I had TONS of drs., and tons of blood tests. Eventually, we discovered that I was hypothyroid and my ferritin level was down to 40 (which is what I assumed was making my hair TOTALLY fall out). At this point, all my levels are getting back to normal TSH at 1.3 and Ferritian up to 57 ( within 5 weeks), however my hair is still totally falling out ( no change) and it is not pregnancy related at this point.

Recently, I discovered that my stool is the same consistency again (although now it is light green...which is probably from the ferra sequal), but I know ( like that last time) that something is off.

On 4/1 I got my TTG IGA which was 16 (range <20) and TTG IGG which was 4 (range <20) and IGA was 161 (range 68-378)

Are there any other tests I should be doing?

Would a stool sample be effective?

Could another allergy be causing this?

I know ( like the first time) that something is not right and I want to figure it out again.

Thanks for any advice-


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I'm sorry, I don't know about the thyroid condition or the tests you're talking about. But, I wanted to tell you that my hair fell out steadily and in large quantities from 3 months post-partum until 9 months post-partum with both of my kids. I am an admin on a mommy message board and it's been a frequent topic. That time frame seems to be the norm for dozens of other women as well.

I hope you find some answers soon! :)

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