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Might Be Gluten Intolerant. What To Do?

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Hi there and welcome :)

I've had a similar experience to you - my problems started in 2007 with fecal impaction. At the time the specialist I saw was a sharp guy, and he could feel the "build-up" and prescribed osmotic laxatives to flush out the colon. For impaction, you *don't* want to use normal fibre laxatives because it can make it worse. If he's checked you out you should be fine though - just drink lots and lots of water to keep everything moving :) The difference is I suffered at the time from lots of GI symptoms - bloating, feeling "full" after supper even though I hardly ate anything, nausea, d; classic impaction symptoms, so I'm not sure if your case is the same. I felt a *ton* better after this, and thought my problems were solved.

At the time I was suffering from headaches and other non-GI problems, so I never suspected celiac disease.

Unfortunately it didn't last - 2 years later the GI problems started again with a vengeance. I suspected impaction again but the laxatives didn't help this time.

So you're very wise to investigate further and see if this is a possibility. I'd recommend looking around for a Gastro specialist that is knowledgeable in current Celiac disease research. The GI I saw was completely useless in this regard, but at least he ruled out other more common diseases.

Although I already had a reasonable fibre intake, I

Feb 2010 - Start of continuous GIT problems and panic attacks

July 2010 - Blood and biopsy -ve, went gluten free after testing which completely relieved symptoms

July 2011 - 1 year gluten free, food intolerances (Chicken, eggs, olives, goat milk) gone!

2012 - Soy no longer a problem


Gluten intolerant

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