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Acid Reflux Symptoms? Heartburn?

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I have never had acid reflux, don't really know what it is. I have had a long standing sore throat and last night I felt a slight "burning" inside down my chest and into my stomach. Not unbearable but noticeably different than normal. Took a few rolaids and throat seems a bit better today. Could this be the cause of my throat and tongue problems (burning tongue)? I always thought that acid reflux had very obvious symptoms,so perhaps this IS something else, just a weird connection. As well, my tongue is a weird colour (yellowish-gray) but my GP had no real comment on it (except that it isn't yeast or anything)...

TTG >200 (normal <10)

IgA gliadin 24 (normal <11)

IgG gliadin 38 (normal <11)

Endoscopy showed damage that looked like "classic celiac", biopsy showed total villous atrophy

Started gluten-free diet Aug 31, 2010

Only real symptoms are huge weight loss and neuropathy

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