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Trying To Find Some Answers

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Over the last year, I have developed and have been struggling with the following symptoms. I've been calling out of work sick, canceling on social events, and just feeling irritable and lousy.

  • Diarrhea--foul-smelling, watery, several times a week
  • Foul-smelling gas
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Abdominal pain and cramping
  • Feeling like I'm about to have diarrhea but can't go

I've also had eczema for a few years now on the back of my scalp, and it has recently expanded into a bumpy, extremely itchy rash in some areas.

When I first when to the doctor, she didn't seem to take me seriously and suggested I had lactose intolerance and/or IBS. She advised me to cut out dairy and keep a food journal of what I ate and when I had symptoms. Although eliminating dairy helped a little, I was still sick several times a week. About 6 months later, she finally took me seriously and did some tests for parasites, thyroid problems, etc. All came back negative. Then she ordered a few celiac tests:


My value 0.34

Index <0.90


My value 1.11

Index <0.90

When the tIgA came back positive, I began lurking on this site, reading all up about celiac disease. My doctor finally referred me to a GI, who tested my amalyse, vitamin b12, INR, bilubrin, alkaline phosphatase, albumin and ALT. Everything except for the ALT came back normal (ALT was a little high, although it was high when I had it tested several years ago before these symptoms started).

The GI performed a colonoscopy and upper endoscopy, and the biopsies for both came back negative. The office told me this was "good news," but it wasn't for me because I was desperately looking for some answers.

I am hoping for some guidance from this community, as I'm at a loss for what to do now. My GI doesn't seem to be very proactive, so I feel like I'm my only advocate for my health.

  • What could it mean that I had positive tIgA but negative tIgG and negative biopsies?
  • Should I go gluten free now?
  • What else should I ask my doctor to do/test me for?

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

there's more tests to be taken for a more complete Celiac panel...

Ttg Iga & Igg is only a small piece to the puzzle- Ttg can also be associated with other diseases (*other members on here can tell you more about that)

your GI should have also tested for:

Antigliadin Iga & Igg

total serum Iga

Endomysial Antibodies

if you're not too sick- it would be a good idea to stay on a gluten filled diet untill you get those other tests- do it soon, so u can get on a gluten free diet if u want.

im sure the other members will chime in too- A LOT of smart people on here that should have been doctors. good luck :)

1986- Elevated Speckled ANA/no Lupus.negative Sjorgens

2008- AntiGliadin IGA/IGg~ Negative,TTG IGA/IGg~ Weak Positive, Endomysial Antibody~ Positive, IGA Deficient.

no biopsy (insurance denied)

6/2010- Enterolab Gene Test:

HLA-DQB1 Allele 1 0302

HLA-DQB1 Allele 2 0302

HLADQ 3,3 (subtype 8,8)

7/2010- 100% Gluten Free

8/2010- DH

10/2010-Hypothyroid dx-> 12/2010 Hashimoto's dx + 1/11- Graves dx :(

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