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Pizza Nova Mishap

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So Friday night, I was at Pizza Nova with my friend. I get their delivery all the time, and I've never had them gluten me or cc me or anything. I felt very safe and confident.

We sat down, and our server came over. Right off the bat I explained everything to her (gluten intolerance, wheat allergy) and we asked that no gluten/wheat products be brought to the table. (My friend is very thoughtful and wanted the night to be safe for me.)

The waitress says, "Ok, let me write that down. No gluten, no wheat products at the table. Great. So, can I get you started with a breadbasket?"

Sure lady...bring it right over. I'll show you where to put it. <_<

I'll be calling to let the manager know about this tomorrow. It sounds like a small thing, but OMG can you imagine what else she could have done?!

I just said, "No thank you - bread contains gluten and wheat, and we don't want anything like that at the table."

Arg. I'm lucky I got out of there with my gut and ears in tact. :blink:

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