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Economical Gluten-Free Sources

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Annie's Gluten-free mac and cheese is only 2.39 at IGA here in Vancouver.

Whole Foods is usually competitve on frozen waffles and certain snack foods. There's always a sale! Their price on Udi's bagles and breads is the best I've found: 7.69 for the bagles (four).

Superstore now carries Nature's Path Mesa Sunrise for 7.69 per bag.

Choices Rice Bakery sells four hamburger buns for 4.99 and they're very nice.

Please post your own finds... we can get these prices down if we vote with our wallets.

Gluten-free Economy Mom

Husband diagnosed by antibody test after Dermatitis Herpetiformis for over a year - 2000

Husband's brother and sister diagnosed - 2007?

Son diagnosed by antibody test after growth failure and low growth hormone Aug 28 2009

Gluten-free household: August 29, 2009

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