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Gluten Attack

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Hi all,

I made a frustrating mistake three days ago by eating m&ms and cashews from the bulk barn, and have been dealing with incredible pain since. I have been on a GFD for almost 2 years now, but haven't experienced an attack like this since beginning the diet.

For those that have had attacks,

How long do they last for you?

Do you take anything for the attacks?

How do you find relief?

Do you cut out dairy, like most do at the beginning of the GFD? Will dairy create more pain?

Any response is appreciated. So painful. I don't feel like eating anything, but I'm nursing and need to eat to produce milk.


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Sorry that happened to you. Try to stick with simple foods. No dairy for awhile. I have not tried this myself, but my son did. He couldn't resist some donuts his brother brought home and ate most of one. He usually gets violently ill. I gave him 4 LGlutamine capsules and 4 probiotics. He had no physical reaction, so maybe it actually works. It couldn't hurt.

Maybe try some chicken soup with veggies. Lots of water and rest. I hope you feel better soon.

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