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Marilyn R

Interesting Npr Story On Food Allergies

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My brother called me today to tell me about this broadcast. Here's a link.


I thought it was interesting and thought provoking, even though this piece centers more on childhood allergies vs. adult onset food allergies and intolerances.

One of my thoughts were that I haven't come down with the flu or a cold since I eliminated gluten, soy, corn and dairy from my diet, even though I work in doctor's offices, hopitals, rehab centers, etc. and regularly get exposed to viruses.

Hyperactive autoimmune system? Too clean? Interesting concepts...

Also, the Feb. edition of the magazine "For Women First" has a two page spread about gluten intolerance that is pretty good.

Anyway, that's my hot news tips. I tried reintroducing dairy (Greek Yogurt) in my diet on Saturday. Yesterday was the pits, today was a little better. Tomorrow will be a better day! (I'll just click my heels together and remind myself! :P )

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