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How Would Tubal Ligation Affect Celiacs

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I was just reading about periods after being gluten free and I started thinking about how it if any affects you body if you have a tubal ligation. Any one out there been through both?

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A tubal ligation will not effect your periods. They are not removing your ovaries they are blocking or cutting the tubes. A person will still have periods after a tubal unless the ovaries are removed. Then the person would go through menapause.

Celiac can mess with our hormones and can cause an early menapause but some women will have their menses resume after diagnosis and healing with the diet.

I have been through both. My periods continued after my tubal for quite a few years until my undiagnosed celiac put me in an early menapause. I wasn't diagnosed soon enough for my periods to return even though my OB/GYN told me they could.

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