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I have a sister who's health suffered for 10 years getting worse and worse and finally regained her health after going gluten free. She had only been food allergy tested (positive for wheat), but no other testing done. I also have a brother who had migraines and diarrhea until going off gluten. 3 months ago, I gave birth to my fourth child. The only symptoms I've had is constipation during pregnancy. Towards the end of pregnancy, my blood pressure was elevated, which is normal in pregnancy for me, and has now returned back to normal for the most part. Within 2 weeks after birth, I developed anxiety issues, insomnia, headaches (migraine like), faster heartbeat and panic attacks. I have never had any of those symptoms prior in my life! They came on abruptly and it has been a process getting back to normal. In the past 8 weeks, I've gone off gluten and dairy, tested negative for the serum and genetic test through Prometheus Labs and tested slightly positive for a wheat and dairy allergy through Meridian Labs. Serum testing was done just a day after going gluten free. The only test I didn't have done was the endoscopy as I was already almost 5 weeks gluten free with this test was offered.

Now, 3 months post birth, the anxiety and headaches seem to be subsiding, but are still there knocking wanting to come in. I know all of the symptoms I've had also match up perfectly with Post Partum Depression. My dilemma is fear of the bad symptoms returning should I give gluten a try. I hear they can continue for a couple weeks and I don't have that to spare with 4 kids all under the age of 8! I felt like my whole body was buzzing, especially my head. My head also hurt more and my heart rate would go up when I'd lay down, making sleep very difficult. And sleep I need to be able to function with my 4 little ones. Anyone have any thoughts on where to go from here?

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