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Keeping Positive And Feeling Blessed

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I just wanted to express my gratitude for all of the positive things that have come into my life this past week. I was diagnosed with Celiac last Friday via blood test. I've always been an incredibly health eater but have been struggling with horrible stomach aches (among other things) for about four years now. I always thought it was IBS but could never figure out what would cause my "attacks". I'd be scared to eat out, scared to eat at all at times. I had heard about Celiac, and after being incredibly sick for about a month, I decided to go to the doctor to get tested for it, just in case.

Honestly, I was really upset when I got the diagnosis, but now I'm excited. FINALLY I understand what's wrong. It's so easy get upset and overwhelmed (and I have been feeling A LOT of both over the past week), but I'm now seeing this as a positive thing. As long as I stick to this new lifestyle - I won't be sick anymore. And that's a really incredible thought. I was told to continue eating gluten until I get my biopsy done in two days, and I'm so excited to start the diet. Yes, it will be hard at times and there's still a long road ahead to figure out what works for me (I think I may be lactose intolerant as well), but it's just a new adventure. And I am SO ready to not be sick anymore.

My boyfriend helped a lot. I was really nervous to tell him about it, but tried to phrase it in the most positive way I could. He understands the difficulties (especially since we can't go to our favorite restaurants anymore) but said, "I feel bad that you can't eat some of your favorite foods, but I'm so happy that we know what's wrong. You need to do whatever you need to do to be healthy." He even said that he'd try out some of the gluten-free restaurants I found.

Also, my sister is a baker who has always wanted to open up her own bakery for those with special dietary needs. She knows how much I love to bake, and the moment I told her I was positive, she instantly decided to research and test out some recipes for me - cookies, cupcakes, bread....

And I'm grateful for everyone on this forum. Checking all of my food and bathroom products and finding new options has been pretty stressful over the past week, but anytime I had a question google took me straight to this forum with lots of people willing to help and offer their experience.

So thank you so much to everyone. I'm excited to begin a new, healthy chapter of my life.

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Awesome! I am trying to remain so grateful that I live in an area of the world with easy access to gluten-free foods. It could be so much worse!

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