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Untested Severe Symtoms

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I am 27 and up till mid 2007 I was actually really healthy, this is when everything went wrong all the sudden 1 day had severe diarrhea, and milk seemed to really make the diarrhea worse.. so basically i went from almost never using the toilet at work for years to having diarrhea after every meal :(... I also began to get hot pretty easy and i remember in the summer i actually turned the AC on colder temp against my bosses word... During these days at work i was eating wheat bread at subway bout everyday with cheese, which i soon cut out the cheese, cause my reaction to milk from mc d's in morns... I ended up quitting in Jan 2008 and ive been droppin weight slowly since, with a high heart rate...

For awhile i thought the diarrhea was a lactose prob or stress, so i cut out cheese since then but been eating everything else and also smoking weed from my chronic pain i have (for a birth bone deformity). I recently quit any type of drug in order to take my online poker to the next level since its the only way ive been makin money lately, and Ive really noticed i have a severe problem and im sure which has been part of the reason i ended up in ER panicking.. The third time in the ER 1 doc actually gave me alot more time as far as talking to me i think he actually wanted to truly help me as the others were only worried about my possibly dieing at the moment, and sent me out, he mentioned he next time you see your doctor have him test you for "CELIAC DISEASE",

Since then i have been on trader joes diet gluten free for about 7 days now, and I have no blood test for celiac.. But my stools seem to be little nicer then I have seen in like 4 years, but i still been consuming lactaid milk and some think thin bars that contain soy and milk and i get gas from them, so i guess my next step is removing all dairy?

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