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  1. Thanks HTH! I'll look at those. We do love coconut! I;ve also done research this morning and Bertolli says their olive...
  2. Yep, went to spectum's page and their cooking oils share the machinery with wheat germ oil. AAAHHH!!! How do I know that...
  3. I would never have thought that 100% veg oil would be a problem, but there must be cross contamination. Both my son and...
  4. After several weeks of searching and making phone calls to people who should know if Moxie is gluten-free, but didn't...
  5. I think you have a good idea buying them in the shells. All the shelled nuts I find in the store have been processed...
  6. We are about a month into our gluten free life after my youngest sons celiac diagnosis. We are having a hard time finding...