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Conflicting Test Results

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I'm so confused. Four years ago I received a result back from Enterolab indicating my fecal antigliadin IgA level was 33 which is fairly high considering many others who started a gluten-free diet with lower scores. I never went on a gluten-free diet because frankly it seems overwhelming to me. At home maybe not as much but when your life is on the go a lot, it's more difficult.

I have nearly every symptom of celiac or gluten intolerance and my mother was diagnosed with celiac (by biopsy). I have severe spring time allergies, borderline diabetes, nutritional deficiencies including at least iron deficient anemia and Vitamin D deficiency that I'm certain of. I also am constantly experieincing fatigue or bone pain, depression (lack of motivation and drive), imbalance of hormones and horrible digestive/intestinal issues that have simply become the norm for me but can often be very uncomfortable. I have PCOS and metabolic syndrome. My stools are all over the place in color and consistency and frequency though I generally have bowel movements at least 4 times a day, often more. Gas is horrible and have had more bloating lately to the extent these things cause minor lower back pain. Also often see pieces of food in stool. Something to note is that I did have biliopancreatic diversion (form of gastric bypass) back in 8/2003 and a lot of my symptoms could be from that but it just seems like I've got so much going on that there has to be an easier solution than a world of supplements every day.

I don't have insurance or much money but the local free health clinic recently agreed to do some testing. (I didn't have a say in the tests used.) The results I got back were:

Gliadin peptide IgG: 2 (normal range 0-19)

Gliadin peptide IgA: 4 (normal range 0-19)

I really want to do the Enterolab testing again (complete panel this time) because I'm curious if I'm also reacting to casein and I'm near positive my fat malabsorption levels could be astronomical. Trying to come up with the money though.

Why would my fecal antigliadin IgA be 33 and four years later my gliadin peptide IgA be normal? (Remember, I have NOT refrained from gluten at all during this time.)

I know people say to try the elmination diet but with someone who is overweight and already has a hard time managing their food choices, elimination diet is not really my cup of tea. As stupid as it may be, I want to KNOW before I make such a drastic and life altering change. I also have 3 special needs kids to take care of and just getting chicken nuggets on the table is difficult sometimes as a single parent when your kids are such a challenge.

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Some people simply cannot be tested by our current batch of serum testing options. (Gluten sensitivity, for instance.) So, some people really do need to try the diet. That IS a VALID diagnostic test, and one that shouldn't be overlooked because "it's not your cup of tea". I don't want to discount your hesitancy - it's real and for reasons that are real. But with a little planning, it's possible, and if you strongly suspect this is an issue (and given your symmptoms and family history, it sounds like it is), it's worth trying.

BTW, the blood test that was run was far from complete, so I can't really conclude anything off of it.

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