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Confusing Test Results

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I need some help!

I have SO many symptoms associated with celiac disease. I have horrible brain fog, exhaustion, RLS, chronic irregularity, hair loss, hives and more (and have had these for 20 yrs). I went 4 weeks gluten and dairy free - felt amazing mentally, skin cleared up, G.I. was amazingly regular.

Then for 2 months, when back to a semi gluten diet. Ate a minimum of 1 gluten serving per day (sometimes only 1 serving cause it causes heartburn or stomache aches).

I got my results today and I'm confused and disappointed.

It looks like the full celiacs panel wasn't run - and I don't know what to makes of this. Could someone help explain?!?

Wheat (GF4) Igg 3.6

TTG Antibody, IGA <3

Total Serum 227

All other tests say TNP-Reflex testing not required

Could the reduced amount of gluten prior to testing affected the test?

Can celiac disease be ruled out completely without the other tests (IGG, EMA)?

And if I was tested for a gluten allergy and it was positive, would that be the same as C.D.?

I'm SOOOOOO confused! Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Does it matter what the name of your condition is? You know that gluten is causing your horrible symptoms, and that's really all that's important. Even without a true celiac "diagnosis" (though, it might have been a false-negative...and I believe it was), you can still say that you have gluten sensitivity, which is true. Since you felt so much better without gluten, you don't need anyone's permission to continue to eat gluten free. You're one of the lucky ones who've figure it out--congratulations! Now go live a happy life...gluten free.

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