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Problem With Vitamin Water?

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I have recently gone from thinking i have Gluten Intolerance to finally getting the diagnosis of Celiac.. as much as it has changed my life, i'm happy with it all.. but i can't stand when i eat or drink something i 'think' is safe and then BAM.. i'm in pain and can barely sit for the pain in my stomach..

so my question i put to you is have you had an issue with Vitamin water? I drank some tonight ( after eating a meal i have had several times and never had a problem) and now i am in tremendous pain and discomfort..

if it's not gluten that's bothering me i am wondering if it's a fructose or sugar issue that is compounded on top of it all..

has anyone else had this issue?

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I don't know if there's anything in vitamin water that might cause you to feel poorly. My own opinion is that vitamin water is a huge rip-off so I don't buy it.

I would think it probably doesn't have much in it that would make it healthy...water, flavoring, a smidgen of vitamins/electrolytes and sweetener. You might want to explore some of these links at Livestrong.com

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