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Abdominal Pain Only - Normal Stool?

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First, I think it is incredible and priceless that this website exists, along with its Forum. This is worth more than a dozen GI consultations.

I guided my GP to test me for antibodies and got back my extremely high tTG 2 days ago. I've had random diarrhea along with weight loss for 3-4 years. Never had abdominal pain!! Finally decided to get tested and got my confirmation.

My question for fellow sufferers - after being gluten/dairy free for a week, my diarrhea is gone but abdominal pain appeared and remianed mostly on the right side, liver area, with some on the left as well. My abdominal CT is normal, aside from "prominent subcentimeter meseneterial lymph nodes" (which are known as frequent with celiac disease).

Of course, I am concerned about possible intestinal malignancy (as it is a known consequence of neglected celiac disease), but reading dozens of pages here - I see that there is a variety of symptoms and levels and combinations of signs, so I would appreciate anyobody's input - is it possible to have just the pain and gurgling after going Gluten/Dairy Free?

Also, I am very much aware that the recovery road is extremely long and not expecting anything major in less than few months. Thank you all!

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Can only speak for myself.Yes after close to 14 months gluten free i still get occasional gurgling and abdominal pain.In the begining I would also get rib pain and what i would swear was gallbladder and liver pain.Ct and ultrasound came out clear.It takes time but keep your chin up you will improve.Good luck.

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