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6 Year Old Son... Confused By Test Results

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Here is what Dr. Scott Lewey has to say:


Endoscopy in celiac: What are the typical findings?

The characteristic appearance of the surface of the small intestine in
celiac disease include superficial ulcerations that are commonly linear,
flattening of the folds, notching or scalloping of the folds and a
mosaic like pattern. However, the surface may appear normal and only
under microscopic examination of samples will the lining show signs of
gluten caused injury.

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    Thank you Ranchers Wife.  Since I'm asymptomatic, I would not know if I had gluten. I cannot imagine having to worry about getting sick from cross-contamination. 
    Hi Jenna1028, They test for DH by taking a small skin biopsy from clear skin next to a lesion.  If you have DH, you have celiac disease.  But, you need to be eating a gluten diet for 12 weeks (gluten challenge) before getting the skin bi...
    To the OP, once in a while this stuff happens.  Please feel free to start a new topic if that would make it easier.  I am afraid this is just part of forums on the internet. I hope this didn’t chase you off.  
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