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  1. sorry,, i called it the incorrect name,,, here i smore detailed info .. There is a little fish & chips shop on the SW corner of King St. and Townline Rd. in Oshawa, ON in Canada called "Schooners" that has been certified for gluten free fish & chips as well as many other items you would find at any other chip shop
  2. good article... thank you. another restaurant .. there is a fish and chips place in east oshawa,, hookseys i think it is,, have a separate section and fryers in kitchen, with gluten-free batters for fish and now chicken etc.. haven't been there yet,, but their website explains why they did this after seeing celiac friend etc..
  3. hi, I was wondering about the blood test numbers and what they mean and how long it takes them to come down to 20,, if ever they come to normal ? mine was 160 on blood test,, confirmed celiac on scope a few months later.. anyone have any idea if the numbers decrease at what rate once on the gluten-free diet ? ty
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