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  1. Hi has anyone heard of the apparently amazing gut healing benefits of having a celery juice each day? I’ve done it for a few days and I’m finding that I bloat so so so much after one (it feels worse than a gluten-ing) and I’m wondering if this means I’m intolerant to celery or if It’s because I have a ...
  2. Hi there 👋 every time I’ve been accidentally glutened (always through cross contamination I never eat anything with gluten in it) I get DH on my elbows and sides and feet and fingers. Always very mildly now, but it’s always the key to knowing when I’ve accidentally ingested some gluten. ...
  3. Hi there So I had my yearly blood tests done and got the results today. A year ago I was diagnosed via gastroscope (mt GP sent me straight to have teh scope I didnt even have bloods done thats how sure she was I had it) - the dr came out and basically told me straight away I had celiac disease...
  4. Hi! I’m not even sure if this is the right place to ask this...but I’ve been feeling really unwell lately - like I’ve got the flu really and very tired, stomach not quite right and like I’ve a head cold - and I’ve just found out that next to where is work is the huge factory where they manufactu...