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  1. Thank you I am just so new that I freak out with anything new. Just waiting to get sick. Idk why i am having such anxiety about everything.
  2. I just went to a new dentist and they ensured me they offer gluten free services. I am so nervous of being glutened. I am so new and this and I just dont trust anyone. I start thinking I dont know if there utensils were clean enough, what about the rubber gloves, I am not entirely sure she washed...
  3. Did you ever have a problem with the BBQ Im from Cincinnati as well and I love love love Montgomery inn if i can have it again oh man!! Please let me know I have a bottle at home and have been to scared.
  4. I know I actually ate at a restaurant and when I called them they said they had a dedicated space and it may have been the blue cheese. I am so new to all of this I do not know what is safe and what is not. Unfortunately the internet scares me more and more I look up. I am just not sure if i am...
  5. I think it is the compounding that has the wheat. I'm just scared I'm so new at this
  6. So I am new to this I am only 5 months in. I have had only one accidental glistening. Today I helped my mo. Prime the walls for paint in her new basement. I was only down there for about an hour and a half. It had been cleaned to be painted however there was still some dry wall dust down there. ...
  7. I have been gluten free for 4 months. In the beginning I adapted fairly well to the life style and diet. a Month ago I accidentally ate blue cheese not even thinking about it and I got glutened for sure. I was SO SICK for about 2 it was how I felt before but 2x worse since being Gluten-Free. ...
  8. I know some paper products what wheat in it. What about disposable cups like plastic cups or coffee cups? Are they safe?
  9. Anyone ever had a problem with Tropicana pure premium OJ with calcium and VD3. I ate some chicken that want marinade In it. The product line was 48 and no ingredients that are questionable. When I contacted Tropicana they said that the product is inherently gluten free however they do not test there...
  10. I had a facial tonight and some of the cleansers and gels they used on my face got onto my lips, not knowing if they were gluten free I used what I had to wipe my lips which was water and the inside of my shirt. I was diligent on not licking my lips and trying to keep lips closed all the way home...
  11. I have been gluten free for 2 months due to a celiac diagnosis. I started feeling great and all of my symptoms had gone away. My first time trying to eat outside of the home we went to a celiac friendly restaurant the said they had a dedicated fryer and prep area. Well right after eating I felt...