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  1. I forgot about Oreo cereal! Going out and getting some tomorrow! I'm not doing this to tease anyone. I've been there and still might have celiac disease. For whatever reason I react to tomato sauce, garlic, and onions. Still avoiding those foods right now. I had my SIBO breath test today and will get the results next week. Also I have a followup with the GI Doctor on the 27th. If I have celiac disease it should be acting up by then. That would make 4 weeks of sweet tasting fluffy gluten. I hope to god I'm clear but if not I was looking at the Beyond Celaic site and saw that there were several drugs for celiac disease coming down the pipe that are in the 2nd and 3rd phases of trials. Close to approval that means. It looked like it would surpress or bind the gluten so no reaction can occur.
  2. I'm a big soda lover too. Most soda is gluten-free to 20ppm. I personally drink too much Dr. Pepper. Why give up every thing you like? Personally, I tried the Zevia and hated it. It's no regular soda. I agree with Ennis though, flavored sparkling water is a nice alternative and doesn't cost that much. As far as vitamins, there are some gluten-free certified brands. I think I took one from Wellesse. It comes in liquid form and tastes like crap. Good luck.
  3. I'm on the same page as a few of you. I've had a couple different kinds of bread now. Sorry Ennis but there are no Bennigans up here in Ky. I have eaten there when I was stationed at Ft. Hood though and that sandwich sounds awesome. White Castle does sound great but whether you have celiac disease or not, it'll make you suffer afterwards. I find myself not really wanting the fast foods. I do want a Sonic Burger though. Besides that, not interested in fast foods too much. I walked through the Bakery dept at Krogers yesterday and ended up with some Blueberry Bagels and Strawberry Cream Cheese. Also, I'm going to go to Dairy Queen and get a Blizzard this week. I'm sorry, the only part of this challenge that is hard is figuring out what to cram in just in case I'm asymptomatic. We'll find out.
  4. I'm 1 week into the gluten challenge to put this diagnosis to bed. All of us were able to eat real food at one time or another and I'm sure you can remember the taste as I do. What would you eat if you were doing the gluten challenge? Real Pizza Deserts Cookies Hawiian rolls Crossants Maybe a Doughnut A Chili 3 Way What else is out there that you would eat if you were doing this? I've already eaten the Hawiian rolls and tomorrow is going to be some pizza.
  5. Turns out the reason a biopsy wasn't taken the 1st scope 6 years ago is that everything looked normal. I'm still moving along with this gluten challenge and so far nothing has changed. The symptoms of these "flare ups" are still the same whether gluten is there or not. I actually improved slightly with the probotics (Florastor). The gas didn't go away but there wasn't nearly as much and I'm actually sleeping better. I had to stop it today because it's 1 week before the breath test. I have 1 gluten containing meal a day and I don't worry about CC anymore til this is over. Things that irritate my gut are pasta sauce and onions. Onions really kick my ass. Also things with a lot of garlic. Tomorrow I might just have a couple slices of real pizza. If not a restaurant then a kroger's 3 minute pizza. What would you eat on this challenge?
  6. In my last post I told the story about how I had almost every possible test done and there was no sign of Celaic Disease that they could find. In fact, my diagnosis stems from a single blood test taken over six years ago. One test. I told this story in which some people said that I should ignore my new results and get new doctors and that they must be wrong. Well I've been eating gluten for a week today and haven't had any of the symptoms so far. When I say "eating gluten", that means eating sandwiches made from 4 Hawaiian Rolls. They taste great. All I've been taking is a probotic called Florastor. Now to be clear, I'm not saying that this is a cure for Celiac Disease. If you were properly diagnosed with celiac disease, taking this will not make you able to eat gluten. If you have celiac disease you need to avoid gluten at all costs. This means that I may have been misdiagnosed. All this time I thought I was being "glutened" might have been something else. I go for the breath test on the 15th and see the doctor on the 29th. We'll see how this goes but so far there is nothing to say as far as celiac disease goes. I know there a people that are going to jump right on this and think this is foolish to believe these doctors and I should stay on a gluten-free diet but I would be foolish to not want to definitely check all the boxes and find out for sure. I'm not changing doctors. I'm seeing it through to the end. Plus, the food is sooooo much better on this challenge than not doing it at all. I'll post all the results as they come in but here's what I got so far: I have 1 blood test that says I have celiac disease taken over 6 years ago I had a scope done 6 years ago in which they did no biopsy and things appeared normal I have the genes for celiac disease which means I can potentially develope it in my lifetime This year, I have had biopsies, blood, s$#&, scopes on each end, and soon to have a breath test, and so far, NO SIGNS OF CELIAC DISEASE. ( also I'm doing the gluten challenge with no diarrhea, vomitting, etc.,) So what are your thoughts?
  7. All biopsies are normal and negative for celiac disease. No damage was seen. This current GI doctor ran every test except for the breath test which is scheduled for June 15th. As far as the original doctor, he is only going off the 1st blood test I got, and this was the only positive test. No biopsy was ever done with the 1st doctor who diagnosed me. I saw the write up that the doctor gave for the 1st scope 6 yrs ago and everything apparently looked normal and this was done when all my symptoms were there and bad. They went up and down with cameras, sampled #1, #2, blood, CT scans, ultra sounds, gene test, and at least 4 biopsies and nothing appears to have shown any signs of past or present celiac disease. It was a pretty extensive work up this new GI did and the breath test is coming down the pipe. I was also told that certain bacteria can elevate numbers in your blood. The original GI doctor only went off of one blood test and that's it. It may have been a false positive. I've had every test (except the breath test which is coming) that I can think of and not one sign of celiac disease can be found except the gene test came back positive which only means there is a potential to develop celiac disease. They did say I may have a sensitivity but they're not sure. The 1st doctor never wanted to even test anything despite the symptoms never leaving. I'm going to see this through to the end. Maybe I'll get my life back or maybe I'll fail the gluten challenge they prescribed. This new doctor is at least giving it a shot and I'm getting a full work up. They even said if I want another opinion all my results, past and present, will get sent to the Mayo Clinic to get reviewed. What else is there? If there are other tests out there, let me know and I'll ask for them to be ran.
  8. So I was diagnosed about 6 years ago and have been putting up with the same symptoms ever since. I was very surprised when the GI doctor was going over a battery of tests I had done when she came to the conclusion that I never had celiac disease. I had to ask her to repeat that several times. All the tests were coming back normal and the so called "gold standard of testing for celiac disease", a duodenum biopsy, came back negative. I asked her if it was because I was on a gluten-free diet and she told me that regardless of whether I am on a gluten-free diet or not that there as changes to the tissue that would be present in a patient with celiac disease. She even said that the test 6 years ago said that the tissue looks normal so they chose not to do a biopsy. The blood panel was high 6 years ago though I reminded her. She told me that could've been do to Bacteria Overgrowth. The blood panel returned to normal because I've been following a strict gluten-free diet but a lot of symptoms have stuck around for 6 years. This could've been because the bacteria problem was never corrected. If this is true, and god I pray it is, it only requires a few doses of antibiotics and my life should return to normal. I wanted to cry and at the was so angry I was seeing spots. I've felt like s$#& for years and stuck to this diet which causes nothing but anxiety and eats up time and money for the last 6 years. If this turns out to be true, stay away from the doctors at the Ohio Liver and GI Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio. I've gone back to them several times begging for more tests to get told no and when I went somewhere else, they knew the doctor and trust his conclusion. How am I not suppose to be pissed off. $6.00 for a loaf of frozen bread when I could've only spent around a dollar. The doctor's recommendation, "begin to add small amounts of gluten to your diet."
  9. So anyway, I've been having some problems with my diet. A doctor told me to go on a low FODMAP diet. I didn't know what in the hell it was til I looked it up and thought to my self there was no way I was going to restrict my diet anymore than it already is. Well I've had enough to where I'm going to give it a go. I stumbled across a company called FODY who specializes in products that are low FODMAP. From what I could tell all are gluten-free, some certified. I placed an order and this diet starts tomorrow. Check out FODY and see what you think.
  10. pdm1981

    Flare ups

    Well I had the whole work up this week. Scopes on both ends appear to be normal but many biopsies were done and they're not going to be in for about a week. There were a couple of ulcers but that's it for the most part. They took a lot of blood and also are running the genetic test for celiac disease. One of the tests for celiac disease, not sure which one or the name, did come back negitive but was told not to rush to any judgements until everything comes back. Two GI doctors told be if the biopsies were normal and the genetic tests came back negative, there was little chance that I actually have celiac disease and may just be gluten intolerant. They also said there is a form that is aquired but highly doubt it in my case. They did every test imaginable. By the end of next week I should have some actual answers instead of assumptions. I'm unbelievably anxious to find out. Could you imagine what life would be like without celiac disease?
  11. I've been on a strict gluten-free diet now for years since I was given the diagnosis of celiac disease. This was a diagnosis I questioned from the start. My blood tests came back positive, the highest numbers the GI doctor had ever seen. He told me that I had to go on a gluten-free diet and get a biopsy. I did just that in that order. Come to find out that I should've waited to go on the diet til after I had the scope. Anyway, the scope just showed an inflamed gut but I was still given the diagnosis of celiac disease despite the botched scope. I've been gluten-free now for over 4 years now and still have issues. I call them flare ups at this point and I wonder if I even have celiac disease at all. I know I haven't strayed from my diet and many of the foods I eat I research and ask around about before trying. But every now and then I get this pain that is right around my sternum and goes straight through to my back, almost can be described as a charlie horse. This is followed by lots of gas and bloating, anxiety, and joint pain. This can last up to several days and is very miserable to deal with. Thats without eating any new foods or putting myself in any CC situations. The other day I came across something called adrenal fatigue. I don't have the first clue where to take this but it has all the same symptoms as celiac disease except for the blood result. I actually had one of my adrenal glands removed about 15 years ago too due to a tumor. I wonder if this could be it and the celiac disease was stumbled across. The GI I was seeing is useless. He doesn't want to retest anything. I really screwed up by going to the VA for a second opinion because their answer was to just go off the gluten-free diet, thats why I was feeling sick still (that's your tax money hard at work). Why in the hell would a gluten-free diet make anyone sick? What an idiot. Any thoughts on what these "flare ups" could be?
  12. Has anyone ever tried any of the Food for Life products advertised on this site? I know that not all their products are gluten-free but they have many options that are. https://www.foodforlife.com/about_us/gluten-free-difference
  13. pdm1981

    Think Thin Bars

    I had the same issue. I was eating at least one a day and then started with the gas and bloating about 6 months ago. It's the alcohol. There's a lot of protein bars out there that will cause the same issue. Some of the bars even warn you of this reaction. I can't remember the brand but that's how I figured out that it was the bars causing my symptoms. That sucks too because they were handy to have after a work out.
  14. I saw the reviews too. It said that it is produced by Danatos Pizza. It was $3.00 off. I've had gluten-free certified stuff before and regretted it. I know the CSA seal almost guarantees it is actually gluten-free (tests below 5ppm). I try to look for that instead of the gluten-free inside the circle.
  15. I was walking through Meijer this morning and saw a gluten-free pizza that was certified by the GIG called Sonoma. I looked it up and saw that their kitchen was gluten-free certified along with their product. It was only $6.50 and I was very tempted to buy a few but I thought I would ask if anyone on here has had them. It looks like they're real big at stores like Walmart, Costco, and Meijers. Has anyone out there ever eaten these pizzas and been okay or should I stay with the Freshetta CSA certified pizza that is over $10?