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  1. GFinDC, yes you're right, It's better to stick with whole foods, bacon n eggs for breakfast, etc. I never even buy those sugar loaded cereals, but this time I gave in to her petition and decided to satisfy her craving. The good thing is she won't want to eat it again, which is the best way to go...
  2. Knitty Kitty, thank you so much for your advice and all the helpful info. I will definitely discuss this with her nutritionist, maybe she is missing some important vitamins since her diet is limited and, as you said, most gluten free foods don't have the same fortified nutrition requirements as the...
  3. Hi, I recently bought a fruity pebbles cereal to my 11 y/o daughter, who is celiac, and I was a little worried about it having any cross contamination as it's not a certified gluten free product. Nevertheless, I decided to let her have some (since non of the ingredients listed contain gluten) and...