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  1. Hello raspberry, and thank you so much for the reply! Oh my goodness! First of all, I want to thank you for addressing the nausea when speaking. I've been trying to find information on it for months now, and all I've found has been anxiety related (nausea when speaking in front of a crowd and...
  2. Hello again, and thank you very much for the response. I've read through the articles you sent me on AIP and the Low Histamine diet, and I will take them into consideration. I'm still waiting to hear back about seeing a nutritionist, so I don't know how much I want to do without hearing from...
  3. Hello again, everyone. I hope it's okay that I ask for some more advice. I am trying to be patient, as I've only been gluten-free since december 16th, but I can't deny I am nervous about a few things. I took some blood tests as per my doctors request, and I just got the results back for them...
  4. This helps a lot, thank you! I'm supposed to have a chat with my doctor this coming tuesday, and then I'll be sent off to take blood tests after that. As far as I can tell, the blood tests are to check for deficiencies, but I'm not 100% sure? I already know I have iron deficiency anemia, so...
  5. Yes, I'll try some hard boiled eggs for sure. I'm currently in the process of getting rid of my old frying pans and my boiling pot now, since I can't trust them not to gluten me... I may be looking into taking a trip to IKEA in the near future as well to get new cutlery as well.
  6. Hey, thank you very much for the reply, I appreciate it. I was only made aware of the issues with gluten free oatmeal today, so I'm planning on replacing it with rather plain rice for breakfast from now on. I'm definitely gonna have a look at my medications too, the only one I know for sure is gluten...
  7. Hello. I was diagnosed celiac via bloodtest in November of 2020, and just got my "official diagnosis" today, as the hospital confirmed I have celiac after going through a gastroscopy December of 2020. I started having symptoms in June 2020, but it took me a few months and a couple of visits...