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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I am obese too. I have been overweight since I was in Jr high. Sadly, I havn't lost any weight since going gluten-free. But everyones body is different. You may be lucky and lose weight, but you may not.
  3. My oldest dd throws up when she is glutened. She gets really bad diarrhea, too. One of my other dd's is usually constipated, but has diarrhea when glutened. Is your dd only having these symptoms when glutened, or is it all the time? If it is all the time, you shoucl look at other foods as the...
  4. I was getting exactly what you describe for a few months before I was diagnosed. They lasted a few months after I went gluten-free, and now they are gone. I assume they are related to Celiac, but I am not sure since I have probably had celiac most of my life and these didn't show up until just before...
  5. Wow, this really caught my attention! About a month ago, I had blurry vision one day, so I immedietly went to see my eye dr. She discovered that the vessels in the back of my right eye were very small, and my left eye was fine. She told me it looked systemic and I needed to see my regular dr....
  6. When we first went gluten-free, Nesquik was safe. I just went to buy some nesquik the other day and found a cc with wheat warning on the label. So I checked their website, and they didn't indicate it. I emailed them, and this is the response I got: Dear Mrs. * Thank you for taking the time...
  7. I feel the same way as you, especially at first. It is very overwhelming. Especially if your entire family is going gluten-free at home (like mine did). Here are some tips I learned: Make your own bread. I invested in a good Kitchen aid mixer for bread and pizza dough. Buy some of Bette Hagman...
  8. Well, I am not sure of when I really started getting sick. I believe it was shortly afte my 2nd dd was born 6 yrs ago. I went to my OB for my yearly check up and I told him I seemed to have lots of diarrhea. So he referred me to a GI. He ran blood tests and decided to do a colonoscopy. He found pre...