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  1. She only had bloodwork, no biopsy. I didn't want to put her through it at the time. When I used to be active on here, I read from several people that teens can often eat gluten without symptoms. They called it "teen remission" I think...
  2. Hello all! I used to be pretty active on here but life got in the way of that over the last few years! I have 4 dds, and the 3 younger ones were all diagnosed years ago. I also have it. Anyway, my 13 yr old dd was dx when she was six...
  3. It's probably the Sorghum. Try using rice flour instead. When I make bread, it doesn't smell or taste funny. It's not exactly like wheat bread, but the taste is good. Hope this helps!!
  4. I agree with MitziG. Tell him you want to be tested and don't take no for an answer. If it's negative, then go on the diet for 4-6 months anyway just to see how it makes you feel. But if you do a trial diet, be very vigilant about your food...
  5. I pack lunches for my 2 younger kids and sometimes my 11 year old dd. Here's the usual contents: bag of chips (cheetohs, funyuns, lays, etc), fruit cup, pudding cup, juice pouch, and an udi's sandwich (if we have the bread). In my experience...
  6. http://www.click2houston.com/news/Can-foods-help-children-with-ADD-ADHD/-/1735978/8474254/-/b70s0u/-/index.html I just saw this video on a Houston news channel. My dd was just diagnosed with ADD and started on a med. Of course she is...
  7. That's pathetic. I've brought outside food into restaurants a few times and I have never had a problem. People need to be more understanding to others with disabilities. It's not like they brought McDonalds in because they didn't want pizza...
  8. Go to Hulu.com. The segment is on there.
  9. Why is it the media always says the gluten causes an "allergic reaction" in Celiaca?? That is not the way it works!! So frustrating. . .
  10. I didn't really care for the Betty Croker brownies either. I use a cornstarch brownie recipe that is VERY good and very simple. I don't remember where I got it, but here it is: 1 stick butter 4 oz unsweetened baking chocolate, broken...
  11. I found it at Krogers in Angleton, Tx, and College Station, Tx.!! I personally haven't used it yet, but my mother-in-law used it to make pancakes and they tasted WONDERFUL!! I plan to try out some of the recipes that are on the box!
  12. My daughter and I are going on a retreat with her choir in a couple of weeks. I am only going to cook for her and make sure her food is safe. However, I was just informed yesterday that the choir director just found out she has Celiac, so...
  13. ptkds

    Family Members With Celiac?

    I have 3 daughters that have it. Luckily, they are young and I control their diets! My mom has celiac, and we suspect her 2 sisters of having it. However, they refuse to get tested because they feel that they couldn't do the diet anyway...
  14. There is this brand of condensed soups I have found at HEB's called Tasty classics. It is a product from Canada. I think they have it as one of their generic soups. I find them on the bottom shelf. It is a light gray can. They are gluten...