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  1. Sorry for your pain. I have had that and sympathise... You are not going to like what you hear about my treatment for SIBO but it was antibiotics. Mine was neomycin as C was my symptom...Only a normal course I think.. http://www.medicinenet.com/small_intestinal_bacterial_overgrowth/page6...
  2. Yep, I love Greek yoghurt too. But that is on my ‘non-safe’ list right now. My dietitian says to be aware of 'Inulin' in 'safe' dairy/soy etc products. All the best with tum scan. I understand things can be scary, and I'll be thinking about you online. Go winner!

  3. Great news , Tarni. Sounds like it was a good appt and well worth it. I had a touch of lactose last week with some Greek yoghurt from central market..had a slight reaction. Now I take 1 x lacteeze and then the yoghurt and seem OK with that. I am going for a tum scan next week just in case ( ovarian cancer)...but think I am winning now too.

  4. SW-Adel is fantastic. Steph is friendly and really ascertained and addressed my individual issues and questions. I learnt so much about FODMAP, and Lactose Intolerance. A week later, I am enjoying a healthy and enjoyable diet, and my GI and other symptoms are so much better. The consulting room is well set-up with visual cues etc, and the information sheets are helpful for shopping and meals etc

  5. The Hashimotos Antibodies should decrease and go dormant once you are on the correct Thyroid medications. You know there are several different kinds... well some work better at this than others. The gluten-free diet also helps. But once you are dxed with Hashimotos - then the dx should still be...
  6. Yep, will keep you posted re SS Adels. My dietitian is also a S (Steph). Know what you mean about knowing earlier (but all of this intolerance/genetic stuff is hard to get ones head around). I guess we're all different, but under the same umbrella? And most gluten/lacose-free products seem to be full of other 'nasties'. Tricky. Potatoes and rice also make me ill at the moment. Livin...

  7. Great news!She is lovely and well worth the wait.Good luck with the SS dietician. I am interested to hear what she is like. I think I have sorted FODMAP out but its not easy. I wish I had known at the start of my FODMAP/ gluten-free diet too. Too much gluten-free starch and then got ill. The SS cookbooks are great too.

  8. Thanks Georgie, have just phoned Dr Arhbal's practice, and they took the time to explain her specialties and approach, and made sure I would call back on Jan 18 to make an appointment. I visit Sue Shepherd’s Adelaide dietitian next week, and eagerly await their tests/guidance. I think that, like you, I am a bit of a complex ‘case’ and will be interested to see what’s...

  9. Hi Tarni,It worked fine !I see the greatest GP in the Universe LOL She was the one to dx GI in me, and has been at my side in the last 4 years during some 'very' complicated associated problems.Dr Fatiha Arhbal,49 Portrush Rd, Payneham. 8362 8444 She is not taking new patients until January again...but worth the wait. She will test for vitamin deficiencies as well. Holistic+ tradit...

  10. Hi Georgie, my first PM, and not sure if I'm doing this right? (newbie to forums). I have responded to your post re: an Adelaide GPs contact details (under my topic: South Aussie seeking... in the outside USA forum). Hope you can get back to me, as I really need a GP 'who gets' intolerances etc. Many thanks, Tarni

  11. Emergency appendix op aged 11. I mean ER. It was ready to burst. Dr came to home to see me as I had been ill for 2 days in bed. That was 7pm. By 8pm I was in hospital. I was so ill I could not walk by this time and was carried into hospital. I was pretty out of it. Funny but had been thinking...
  12. I had low B12 when dxed. After 3 years I still need weekly B12 injections.
  13. I trust my chiro MUCH more than the orthos I have seen. The chiro does bone crunching and gives me massage and exercises. My degree of curvature ( triple curve ) has been reduced from 17 degrees at its worst to almost straight. I only see the chiro about twice a year now for a check. And have...
  14. This happened to me today. Even after two years you still do stupid things re Glutenings. I had a chiro appt and they do a massage first and forgot to ask. My guess its the cream.... Recall having this happen before and they checked cream and it was Vit E ??? Now I am trying to think what the...
  15. This is interesting as when I get Glutened the first symptom is over whelming fatigue ...to the stage of falling asleep at the steering wheel. This happens within an hour or two of the Glutening but the fatigue happens within minutes .... I can be caught in traffic and suddenly find myself unable...