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  1. http://bmbranno.hubpages.com/hub/Goodbye-to-Wheat-Belly-Hello-Healthier-Life
  2. I think you badly need to read the book to understand it...
  3. Where on earth does the Dr say Celiac is not a disease ? Huh? The book is full of references to the autoimune disease...
  4. Where on earth did you find Dr Davis say that ???? Please - READ the book and do not misquote. At no stage does he...
  5. It might be an idea to check your Vitamin D, Calcium, Ionised Calcium and PTH ( several times ) - in case you have a...
  6. These Blog posts " Eat More Sugar" , "Jelly Beans and Ice Cream ", "Gluten Free Muffin Top", " Heart Poison".... sort...
  7. I just LOVE this book!!!! Dr Davis is a Saint ! A Saviour !!! I read the book last August and started Sept. I lost...
  8. georgie

    Sibo Treatment - What Worked For You?

    Sorry for your pain. I have had that and sympathise... You are not going to like what you hear about my treatment...
  9. I oly discovered I was lactose intolerant after giving up Gluten. C was my symptom of Gluten and D is my symptom of...
  10. This link explains how to reintroduce foods...http://sites.google.com/site/fructmal/diet
  11. Hi , Sounds like you have a few things happening there. Are you FODMAP ? http://shepherdworks.com.au/disease-information...
  12. georgie

    Colitis- From Being Glutened?

    I got diverticulitis from a Glutening and needed antibiotics. Hope you feel better soon. Most people don;t have a clue...
  13. Hi Keggy, Sorry you are unwell. I have had blood clots and a PE so know what you are going through right now. Have...
  14. Its not just an American problem In Australia we have had 5ppm as our standard. So anything reputable and stamped...
  15. georgie

    Negative Changes With Methyl B12

    B12 tablets never did it for me. It had to be hydroxo injections. I had them weekly for nearly a year and even now still...