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  1. it depends when my house goes out they are ueslly good about making sure they have gluten-free stuff for me, or they cook me what i can have but they are good about it
  2. ivw been lactose intolerent since i was 16 too along with being gluten-free but i take the pill everytime i eat dairy some people can be lactose intolerent for the rest of their lives it just depends how bad the damage is to your body
  3. im the only one gluten-free in my family so yeah its hard for my aunt because she sometimes has to cook 2 diff meals one gluten-free and one for my uncle because hes not gluten-free either ive been gluten-free since i was 16 and im still finding it hard to go out for dinner but its getting eazier since more places are going gluten-free not alot but some are
  4. i fall of the gluten-free diet every now and then and boy do i pay for it later lol so yeah it does happen from time to time
  5. my family used to be like that but now they just got better the last few years but they still go out of their way to make what i can have because to them they think that i should have whatever they have but guess what im not getting sick for anyone wxp my family, ive been doing good without cheating i have a blood test on my celiac disease to go for before i go to my stomach doctor for my yearly checkup (so i need to be good otherwise they will see that ive been going off my diet ) hehe
  6. i didnt have my period for 5 months went to the doctor found it it was my thyorid which is underactivte so yeah get checked by your doctor
  7. i just dont eat anything that i cant have because my family doesnt actdate for me whatsoever but yeah its hard to get them to understand
  8. ive had the h1n1 viurs and its horrble so if you can get the shot get it because the flu is bad
  9. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  10. if you eat what you cant you will end up getting cancer of the stomach the more you eat gluten the more you are putting yourslef at risk of getting cancer and other poblems
  11. if i get lunchen meat i get it off the bone because then i know its safe for me to eat,
  12. i know how you feel my family doesnt make anything that i can have and it sucks big time, having just about everything with gulten in it shoved in your face when you cant have it is really temping, but i know what you mean because i go though the same with my family
  13. why would you want to "marry" your doctor now if he/she is cute my gi doctor is very pretty but im not going to "date" her im not that way
  14. yeah i know sometimes i think that doctors want to do what they want and it makes me mad when you have to keep telling them that something hurts just to have them do something grrrrrrrrr
  15. i guess the doctor didnt want to be put in a headlock lol
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