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  1. You should try their bananna nut bread and cherry pie!
  2. Their Apple/Cherry pies are the best! I am actually going to start having my Central Ohio Group meetings at the Columbus Whole Foods (their idea, not mine)...they really want more input from the Celiac/Gluten Free community.
  3. I tried some gluten free oats a couple of days ago and I had no reaction to them at all! Has anyone else taken the risk?
  4. Ohio Gluten Free?

    I am the Central Ohio contact for the Celiac Disease Foundation. Whole Foods has asked me to host a fun and interactive (very casual) event once per month in Columbus, Ohio. Is anyone interested in participating?
  5. I am not sure where you live but there are support groups all around the country. I run a support group for central Ohio and the Celiac Disease Foundation. So even if you are not in Ohio, feel free to contact me, especially with questions about "what can I eat?" -Jay
  6. I just purchased some Trix cereal and noticed the "new shape" and formula does not seem to contain gluten. Tried it today............tastes great and no problems so far!!!
  7. I actually just tried a few of the varieties! The texture was not my favorite however, my wife did not mind it and thought they were good. We tried chocolate...not so good. Apple/cinnamon/raisin was the winner. Plain, well it was just that.
  8. Pamela's baking mix is great too! I add some chocolate chips while the pancakes are cooking and my kids love them!! I think even diced apples are wonderful to add with some cinnamon...
  9. Hey everyone, Whole Foods ask me to host my Celiac Disease Foundation meetings at their cafe in Columbus. These meetings would be held once per month and only for about an hour. I would never ask anyone to commit to showing up each month but would some of you be interested in attending? I *think* the way this will work is Whole Foods may provide a few samples for us all to share, and then we can just casually get to know each other/chat. I don't want this to be formal...just a place you know you can come once a month and at least have myself or Yasmin there. The last event at Whole Foods brought in about 35 people and we had a great time. Any thoughts or ideas on how to make it fun are welcome.
  10. I have eaten them for years without any reaction at all and I consider myself to be highly reactive to gluten.
  11. I think just plain cocoa does not contain any gluten. I must agree with the above comments that if it was a mixture of a chocolate powder with various ingredients then your illness may be a result of it.
  12. YES! Thai Kitchen is the way to go! They are cheap and you don't have to scout out a specialty store to find them!
  13. You could try Blue Diamond Nut-Thin crackers...they are really good and can be found at most grocery stores. -Jay
  14. Many people have different tolerances when it comes to ingesting gluten. I think it is better to avoid it completely than to chance things. It is just not worth getting sick!! Also, even if some people can eat small amounts with no immediate physical reactions....they may be causing some long term damage. Best of luck!!
  15. Hi, Here is the direct link to your question regarding Frito chips. They list all the varieties you can eat on this page. http://www.fritolay.com/fl/flstore/cgi-bin...odID_364066.htm Safe eating!!
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