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  1. Have you read the disclaimer on the lower left of this web site. the person who made this website is not a clinician . you have to be careful of what you read and make a decision on your own when you want to eat foods again. as for the allergy testing the only thing you can't do before testing is have any antihistamines 7- 10 days prior due to it will mess with testing. it seems to me that maybe you were eating too many jalapeno chips or too much of one food that can cause GERD symptoms. sometimes we can get diarrhea becuase of a stomach bug and not from a reaction to foods or gluten. if you like a certain food it should be everything in moderation.. also you need to be cafeful with some tomato paste because there is a brand out there for the italian seasoning one that does contain wheat.. try to relax and enjoy your life each day is precious and there are plenty of foods out there for you to enjoy... baby steps
  2. I don't ususally make pie crust becuase I stink at baking / rolling dough etc. I have made this apple pie from Betty Crocker it is easy and my family loves it better than regular (gluten) apple pie. I found the hardest part for me was cutting the apples... it was good here is the recipe if you like it. I usually google betty crocker gluten free recipes and have very good results. Good Luck.. Impossilby Easy French Apple Pie Filling 3 cups thinly sliced peeled apples (3 medium) 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg 1/2 cup Bisquick
  3. the grill would be mine / totally gluten free. i bought these burgers at the supermarket last week and would love try them but not sure about Modified cheese..
  4. Hi I am wondering if these ingredients are safe : Diluigi turkey patty w/swiss cheese / pepper and onion i have been all over their website and they are closed. i am ususally good with ingredients but need your expertiese turkey swiss cheese gruyere ( cultured pasteurized milk / salt enzymes ) water milk fat sodium phosphate salt enzymes modified cheese ? acetic acid sorbic acid sweet red eppers onion black pepper thanks they look really good to grill but not sure if i should do it ..
  5. Hi I am not sure if this will help, but I have been gluten free for > 5 years.. my gallbladder didn't act up until 2 summers ago out of the blue, never had an issue until one day, I was jaundice it passed then about two weeks later, I woke with awful pain that I thought was my heart or reflux.. I was admitted for 5 days until after all the testin I had done they decided to do a HIDA scan and wouldn't you know it,, my EF was at 3 % when they removed my gallbladder it was the size of a piece of bread according to the surgeon.. i can't tell honestly say if going gluten free will save your gallbladder but I do know that having the surgery preventivetly vs emergency surg makes a world of difference..
  6. I am wondering if anyone has tried Neuma Hair Care products? They are supposed to be Gluten free / vegan / organic / all natural. If you have tried them do you like their products. My local hair salon carries them but before I shell out the cash I am wondering if it is good. thanks
  7. I am so mad.. I just googled "advil liquid gels gluten free?" this is what I got on the FAQ advil web page Q. I am allergic to gluten. Is it all right for me to take this product? A. Advil
  8. I love their bread. I do know that 2 slices of regular or multi grain bread is 4 points.. i hope this helps.
  9. how about cooking the roast on a roasting rack (involves no oils or sprays ) make them some betty crocker gluten free cupcakes or cake and make something that you can eat for dessert as well or ice cream. when i cook for my extended family for holidays or get togethers i always make sure my meal is gluten free / never give up ingredients or how i cooked it (unless someone has serious allergy) but i make sure there are things we can all eat. I am sorry your Mom is so defiant about coming over ( olive oil ) but I am wondering if you sister cooks with olive oil and doesn't mention it to mom.. ????? good luck
  10. Hi, you can check with your pedi office and have them verify the shots most if not all are gluten free and thimersol free.. you child should be getting his vaccines in his arms and not his legs.. generally the rule of thumb is if they are walking you vaccinate in their arms.. they will be sore in the arms d/t some are given in the muscle but tylenol / motrin usually helps.. kids can pick up on your anxiety especially at shot time, tell them the truth.. it will hurt / little pinch but then its done.. think of the alternative that he will be building protection for his immune system to keep him healthy.. i hope this helps a little good luck
  11. Good Luck with your delivery.... I wish you wouldn't take your own percocets into the hospital.. you need to be careful on what they give you and what you take there is only a certain amount of tylenol or motrin one is allowed w/in a 24 hour period, if they give you a PCA Pump you really don't want to take additional pain meds w/out your nurses knowledge.. when a pain med is given it is documented to see if it works.. if it doesn't they ususally prescribe something else.. please becareful some medications pass through breast milk...if you contact the pharmacy of the hospital early enough they can look up what medications are gluten free for you...i wish you a pain free recovery... good luck
  12. I have been eating the brown rice tortillas for the last couple of months..I haven't had a problem w/them. I do keep them frozen and before I make my sandwich at work I zap it in the mirco for about 30 seconds to soften it... I haven't noticed any reaction to these tortillas... sometimes we can eat things that others can't.. for example I would kill for the donuts that kinnick makes tried them x 3 and still can't tolerate it...
  13. anyone know of gluten free rest in porstmouth, nh..
  14. I was just at the Cheesecake factory in Burlington,Ma last week w/daughter, the hostess told me they do not have a gluten free menu and i could safely have a salad w/plain chicken (boring) but i ordered it anyway... I thought they had a gluten free cheesecake and other stuff... my take was it was a busy lunch, in the mall, christmas shoppers and she didn't want to help....
  15. Congrad's.... you earned every bit of that degree, its never to late to finish what we started many years ago.... be proud...
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