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    Almost 50 years old<br />celiac disease nearly 20 years<br />2 grown daughters one celiac disease other probably in denial<br />2 celiac disease grandaughters<br />My elderly mother is also celiac disease in La Grande Oregon
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    Albany, Oregon
  1. Hi!!! I live in Oregon near you and wanted to say hi!!!

  2. I would really like to meet other people in the Albany/Corvallis Oregon area. I am active and have eaten gluten-free and cooked for a gluten-free family for 20 years. Would love to help out newbies with questions or share life or food experiences with others who are gluten-free.
  3. Corvallis Oregon and Area Support Group Get Together At Swanson Park in Albany Oregon (next to the new swim center) July 18th, Saturday, Noon until about 2pm Bring a gluten-free dish if...
  4. At Midway Farm Hwy20 half way between Albany and Corvallis. Thursday evening July12th 2007 First meeting to plan when, where, and how often. Bring small dish if it is comfortable and convenient...
  5. There are thousands of ingredients in our foods that are not legally required to be on the labels. Also, I think it is wise for us to be especially aware of eating nutritionally sound foods. I used to have a few recipes for things that turned out like cheetos, only home made and wholesome...
  6. Corvallis Oregon and surrounding areas now have their very own all Gluten Free Bakery located at 363 SW Jefferson Ave. (541) 738-2591 GRANDE OPENING THIS SATURDAY MARCH 3rd !!!
  7. " I think the stomach ache I had was because i ate too quickly. " I've found with me and my family that our gluten reaction is not always immediate. Remember, this is not just an allergy, and the glutenating of our insides sometimes takes days, weeks even to show up. When we have sections...
  8. Flax comes in all sorts of forms, normally as a flax seed oil, as a meal, or as the whole seed. If a recipe says to reduce the oil, it is probably referring to the oil form. Bob's Red Mill products are usually easy to find in a Fred Meyer store or most Rays or Roths and sometimes even in Albertsons...
  9. Ok, I made the infamous bread by laura, and it was good, but, the recipe I got with my bread machine is just as good, in my and my family's opinion, and it is done in just 1 hour! I have a Betty Crocker Bake-it-easy Breadmaker. This is the recipe it gives: Glutten -Free White Bread 2...
  10. Help! The original recipe evidently expired off the visible posts. Can someone put it in here again, I got the flour discussion and measures, but nothing about the yeast or wet ingredients or instructions. Iwant to bake with my grand girls tomorrow and this bread sounds lovely to make. I'm going...