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  1. Alexandra  Rosenberg

    Newport, Ri

    We are going to be staying in Newport, RI this summer for 5 nights. I searched gluten free restaurants on google and...
  2. Alexandra  Rosenberg

    Gluten Free Island Destination

    My family and I are worried about vacationing because we are afraid it will be hard to communicate our allergy, especially...
  3. Celiac.com 06/03/2008 - I know—you are a teenager, you go out with your friends, see movies, have fun and unfortunately—h...
  4. Alexandra  Rosenberg

    Another Great Disney World Experience

    Does anyone know what gluten free options are available at tutto italia (is there any gluten free pasta)? Also, which...
  5. I am going to be making a cake for my sister's birthday and I don't have any of my own gluten free flour mix on hand...
  6. I recently got back from my Disney World vacation and just wanted to let everyone know it was even better then I imagined...
  7. The Gluten Free Market 7-09 Fairlawn Avenue Fairlawn, NJ 07410-1823 201-703-5500 This was listed as a store that...
  8. Alexandra  Rosenberg

    Thanksgiving Stuffing

    I was just thinking about thanksgiving and realized how much i would miss my favorite thanksgiving food-stuffing. Does...
  9. Alexandra  Rosenberg

    How Long Have U Had Celiac?

    about 6 months since I was diagnosed.
  10. Alexandra  Rosenberg

    For The "real" Teens

    I'm from New Jersey, but I live fairly close to New York City.
  11. Alexandra  Rosenberg

    We're Going To Disney World!

    We are going to Disney World in about 2 weeks and I was wondering if anyone new the place I email to get lists of the...
  12. Alexandra  Rosenberg

    Gluten-free Bagels, Yum!

    I agree. They tast almost exactly like the real thing. I really like them.
  13. Hi everyone, I am new to the boards and I was just wondering, if a body lotion has gluten in it can I brake out from...