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  1. Yes this is true!! Some wineries do use the rye paste to seal the barrels, and also they can use wheat flour also to seal the hole. It is rare, but yes you can run into trouble.
  2. Could you tell me what resturants serve gluten free foods in Gettysburg? Thanks in advance
  3. A bit of an update to all. Although Jenna (@GFJenna) did not win the title of Miss Pa International 2010, she would have made EVERYONE in the gluten free world proud! I have received several letters and even emails from teachers, and people in our area that because of her they were able to help their students and/or their relatives because of her speaking out. She has been doing amazing work all over Pa for awareness with celiac disease. In fact the March issue of the NFCA newsletter called her a *rock star* in their monthly newletter. She also has been working on other aspects to help gluten free bloggers and also coordinating the 2nd annual "celiac awareness day" with the Pittsburgh Pirates. (she did the 1st as well) Proceeds will go to the NFCA, and GIG. Thank-you to all that wished her well!! P.S. - she is in the running for Miss Pa USA 2011
  4. Do you know if she was dx with celiac and gluten sensitivity? Did they do a gene panel - this would give you that answer.... A light bulb while watching Dr. Osborne's video went off for me because gluten sensitivity is ALL gluten.... in wheat, rye, barley, oats, millet, corn, rice and sorghum.... they ALL have gluten, so if you have the sensitivity to gluten - well that would be ALL... So gluten free would be really gluten free to all those proteins. (This is only my synopsis from watching the video related to understanding my own health issues.) Her blood levels shouldn't be elevated if they were only tested for gliadins. okay, I hope I don't make anyone mad, just food for thought.... hoping for some to have ahh haa moments.
  5. Miss Indiana International Benefit Celiac Awareness Dinner at Benjamins - Indiana, Pa 15701 Meet & Greet 5:00pm Dinner 5:30pm Advance Tickets Required - 40 Tickets Available Total Gluten Free Meal Included - Your Choice of Gluten Free Selected Entr
  6. Great News for Celiac Awareness! Celiac Awareness Day with the Pittsburgh Pirates Information: Date: Sunday, September 27 Where: PNC Park When: 1:35 p.m. http://missindianapainternational.blogspot...-inaugural.html http://www.celiaccentral.org/Events/Upcomi...93/vobId__1898/ To order tickets, contact: Chaz Kellem Celiac Awareness Day PNC Park at North Shore 115 Federal Street Pittsburgh, PA 15212 Phone: 412-325-4731 Fax: 412-325-4410 Email: chaz.kellem@pirates.com
  7. Miss Indiana, PA International 2010 is at work promoting Celiac Disease Awareness Her hard work is paying off!! Celiac Awareness Day with the Pittsburgh Pirates Information: Date: Sunday, September 27 Where: PNC Park When: 1:35 p.m. You can read more about it here - http://missindianapainternational.blogspot...-awareness.html She is working on setting up a gluten free tail-gate party too! More details to come.
  8. My daughter in living in NYC right now finishing up her internship and she has celiac disease... she says gluten-free is very easy there! Also whole foods store is her best friend. She recently did a review of Mozzarellis, a gluten-free pizza place with many gluten-free desserts. http://missindianapainternational.blogspot...ozzarellis.html Best of luck with your travels.
  9. A good book is the super allergy girl Gluten-free, Casein-free, Nut-free Allergy & Celiac Cookbook by Lisa A. Lundy IT has over 225 receipes AND 100 pages if information You could google it or look her up on twitter...
  10. I Never heard a doc say you could cheat if you have celiac disease??? Please know that is incorrect. When I was first dx'd please know that ups and downs happen and are just part of learning the diet and what is safe and what isn't. Don't beat yourself up, just learn and move forward positively. Start with naturally gluten free foods, meats, veggies, and fruits, then slowly add other things in. Also it helps to keep a notebook/food diary so you can look back over what you may have eaten if there are any questions. I am sure others will post to help, I just had to post to the fact that the only OFF switch for celiac disease is strict adherence to the gluten free diet.
  11. Thank-you for the positive replies, it is so appreciated. I know Jenna is working very hard to be a positive role model, in all that she is doing, and has accomplished already, she is a very determined women. Jenna never ceases to amaze me, she did start a blog about her life enroute to a state title. There isn't any talent that is judged with this and 50% is based on your interview to speak about your platform in front of a live audience. I "think" they only get about 3 min to speak on their chosen platform - hers of course is celiac disease. There is also a gown, and sports wear judging too... must have some girly things in there too for fun, hehe. ) One very exciting prospect is that if she would happen to make Miss Pennsylvania 2010, and go on to be Miss International 2010, she would get to work full time for a year raising awareness for celiac disease, and it is GLOBAL! I think this could be extremely important to out celiac disease, and what gluten is even more - and to include how many people she may touch and be able to help! ! I am so excited to share this info with our community here, thanks for your support. I will post additional updates.
  12. I would see a doctor no matter what... But one word - Costochondritis - the doctor told me it is cartilage coming away from the rib-cage. Yes, it is painful. I have this, possibly from the swelling of intestines from gluten, soooo badly I looked pregnant, before dx. and I had some other issues too.. not so bad anymore.... unless I get glutened and swell. (
  13. I know that ALL banana boat products are guten free - not a total answer, but perhaps it is a start
  14. I am so excited for my daughter, Jenna, who was chosen to compete for this event, as her title of "Miss Indiana" (town) for Miss Pennsylvania International 2010 .... .... BUT - more so excited about the platform she chose to run with, yes, Celiac Disease! When she spoke with the pageant representatives about her special cause they hadn't even heard of this, so what a great chance to bring more awareness to our group! There are only UP to twelve women selected to be in the running of Miss Pennsylvania International, and she is ONE of those chosen 12 to participate in the final. Jenna selected celiac disease because of the terrible plight I had/have been having.... While in college, last year she intern shipped with Lisa Lundy on the release and promotion of her Celiac Cookbook, and helped promote Lisa for a radio spot to focus on celiac disease. Now after learning she will be running for Miss Pennsylvania International 2010 with her platform about Celiac Disease, she found out less than 2 weeks ago she has celiac too. I am so proud of my daughter, and hoping that she will have support from fellow celiacs and help promote awareness about just what gluten IS and put celiac disease into a spotlight for good. Any help with ideas would be of value. Please forgive me if I have posted in the wrong board forum, and be directed to the right board for this topic.
  15. Yep, Yep, We got to go out and eat safely, which is somewhat challenging for us, I react to a minuscule amount of gluten, a newly dx's with DH daughter, 22, and another daughter that has celiac, 14, but she just doesn't have reactions....yet! Six of us, 3 celiac women, 3 NON celiac men.... There are some chains of this restaurant, Charlie Browns Steakhouse, we were in Harrisburg, PA this past Saturday night, for an - PRE Father's Day outing that "I" didn't have to cook/bake! We felt it would be safer going the night before the big day. ( I did cook on father's day!!) We called ahead for early seating, 5:30pm, not really a reservation, but didn't have to wait at all.... (upon leaving there was quite a line-up) There are many sections, 12 entrees and they told me after we ordered that they CAN make gluten-free buffulo wings... was so tempted, but only wanted to stick to one item for the first visit. Celiac salad eaters got - caesar salad, NO croutons, and 2 of us did NOT put the dressing on ( I eat all salads without dressing) My non reactor celiac daughter used 2 dressing and LOVED it! I ordered steam broccoli and it was good fresh tasting, other daughter ordered garlic green beans, and the last ordered the garlic mashed potatoes... and an extra side of garlic mash potatoes for us women... YUM! A noticable difference with the green beans was on the non gluten free was there was an oil perhaps, but also cooked red-peppers also included in his garlic green beans. Everyone, all 6 of us, ordered prime rib, with out-bone. The gluten-free prime rib came without au-jus, that was the most visual difference that I saw. Everyone's prime rib had a very salty crust on the top, which I didn't prefer, but ...... While we were very patient, my father was not, as it did take over one hour to get our meals, and others around us were being served within 1/2 hour.... I know it is because of making sure everything was gluten-free and not to have any cross contamination.... but he wasn't too pleased... I didn't mind, I was OUT! We had a separate server bring out ALL of our gluten-free meals, that was her job, a dietary special needs server - what a great idea! I was so very pleased because I don't get to go out very often, and I was kicking up my heals!! My father said it was a bit plain, but my husband enjoyed a lot...he had a sangria ) But again I will say yippeee, I will go back again. They did have dessert options, ice cream, and ALL flavors were gluten-free, and also sugar free cheesecake.... We opted for no desserts, as I had made a wonderful cake and it was waiting for us back at the house. (you can NOT tell it is gluten-free - EVEN several days later) We didn't have any big reactions, my one daughter, newly dx's with DH, , and I did have some hot fushings later in the evening, I am thinking it could have been the salty STUFF on the top of the prime rib... I also get flushings from shredded cheese, I think it is the stop caking stuff they add to it.... but would eat there again!! Thinking tomato basil tilapia sounds wonderful - Just one of the other entrees! No itching, NO fuzzy head, no drunk feelings, No diarrhea, (I get that way after eating at "outback steakhouse") and best of all, we got to feel a part of society with going OUT for dinner!!!
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