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  1. Hi. I have not been on the forums in a long time, but I still read the newsletters, and occasionally click on the selected topics. Anyway, I logged in to tell you that you should be tested for Lyme disease. The suddenness of your ill health and original rash makes me highly suspect it. Most of...
  2. My pain mimicked classic ulcer symptoms. It was smack in the middle of my stomach, under my diaphragm. It was this sharp, stabbing pain at first, and then would fade into a duller pain. A few times it radiated to my back. It hurt most when my stomach was empty and felt better when I ate. Everyone...
  3. I love melatonin. It really helps me when I have trouble sleeping (which is a lot more lately since going gluten free), and I have no apparent ill effects from it. But I also recently noticed the autoimmune warning on the bottle when I was checking for gluten when starting the diet. That worries...
  4. I think a lot of people with celiac/gluten intolerance have trouble with allergies. My theory is that the gluten stimulates the immune response, and then this already over stimulated immune system over-reacts to common allergens. I have no doubt Benedryl helps you to feel better overall. I know...