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  1. Only thing to watch for - if you have milk problems, Zyrtec (namebrand) has milk in it.. generic zyrtec does NOT have milk ingredients. (It's part of the inactive ingredients). Allegra I do believe has no allergens at all in the ingredients.
  2. I use Allegra (available via prescription only) and it seemed to be more 'powerful' than claritin and zyrtec. HOWEVER, because of the new medical insurance rules, I had to TRY both claritin and zyrtec (that month SUCKED) before they allowed reimbursement for Allegra. However, you really need...
  3. This sounds like 'constipation' with D after. I found my children with gluten problems had to cut out MILK for a while. The milk (once the digestive system is damaged) caused them to 'back up' to the point in my youngest one of needing a suppository. Then the 'plug' would come out and have massive...
  4. I got a question.. have you seen the new regular reese's cups that are CRISPY?(ie might have gluten in them ) Does this mean our regular peanut butter cups will no longer be safe.. because they ARE the same size as the regular cups ? Just thought since you are talking about reactions I'd put...