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  1. babysteps

    Why Am I Losing Strength?

    Sores at the corners of my mouth went away when I stopped using toothpaste and mouthwash. I checked with my dental hygienist...
  2. babysteps

    Boathouse At Saugatuck Rowing (Ct)

    So, reporting back. Waitstaff varied widely on gluten-free/food intolerance issues. Did eat cleanly, two courses...
  3. Will report after meal on gluten-free situation...called ahead regarding future reservation with friends, and person...
  4. babysteps

    Issue With Tidying Up

    I'm already a FlyLady convert, and my mother was a hoarder (also her twin still is, and my father's sister was)... ...
  5. babysteps

    Epernay Bistro Bridgeport Ct

    @kschauer, other places to consider - not sure exactly where you'll be or what transport you'll have: Valencia Luncheria...
  6. gluten-free-friendly chef, whoo-hoo So, my spouse is now the chair of the CT chapter of AIWF (The American Institute...
  7. in my personal experience (but not everyone on this board, although I don't think I'm the only one), dried fruit can...
  8. babysteps

    Bathroom Scales

    Consider going to your library & checking the consumer reports index - they generally have good advice. Last time...
  9. babysteps

    Elimination Diets

    I did some research on elimination diets a couple years ago for my spouse. We ended up doing more of a paleo diet for...
  10. Had dinner at Thai Basil in Greenwich, CT on Tuesday night. I was a walk-in, first time visitor but they were on the...
  11. babysteps

    Just Not Sleepy/tired!

    random thought - roxnhead you say carbs are your enemy, and this other thread (in the Post Diagnosis/Treatment category...
  12. Are you able to tolerate animal fats better than vegetable oils? Worth a try if you think you do - butter or lard are...
  13. I have reacted to foods with "natural flavor" - however this may be some non-gluten sensitivity on my part (for example...
  14. babysteps

    Just Not Sleepy/tired!

    I sometimes get this way, but usually milder (say, once in a while a 3 or 4 hr night - can't fall asleep, then wake up...
  15. babysteps

    Hemingway's - Killington Vt

    I see you're in MA - on the way home we had clams at Farnham's (in Essex) - they did differentiate between my gluten...