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  1. Yes, I do get anxious after eating gluten. Not every time, but often. Sometimes comes after D, sometimes before, rarely without any D at all. It's like my brain goes ADHD and everything makes me a bit nervous or cranky. I make bad decisions - or no decisions at all. Luckily the anxiety doesn...
  2. I'm guessing this is more a specific-to-me thing than a celiac thing in general, but for what it's worth: I couldn't tolerate deodorants/antiperspirants (except the mineral salt kind) for several years - by trial, error and luck I discovered that if I have 'too much' vitamin C (like the amount...
  3. Bulk can be tricky, as scoops might migrate from one bin to the next, or someone without food sensitivities might be unaware of 'powdering' the aisle with whatever they are scooping. And depending on the store the refill process for the bins could introduce cc as well. Co-ops, buying groups...