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We live in Panama part of the year, but our home city is Austin, TX. I control my digestive problems with a gluten free + dairy free + very low sugar diet + vitamines and minerals + probiotics.

  1. What an asinine thing for Cruz to say about Celiac Disease --- it only shows his ignorance! I can't believe this guy....he is so pompous!
  2. lcarter

    Brain Lesions

    I'm one of those with a few brain white matter lesions. My family doctor, probably because of my age of 65 at the time it was discovered, said they were ishemia probably from small minor strokes. I told him about the connection to celiac disease which he wasn't aware of. I had the classic celiac...
  3. Yes, I get spasms too, but more in the mid back area and usually after the bloating and diarrhea have subsided some. Interesting!