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  1. I often wake up hearing music that isn't there. Have done this for many years.
  2. Yes, people often forget the vows they made, or they weren't sincere when they said them. I had worked in my job for about 6 years, when I was given a new duty of riding the special needs bus. This route lasted 1 1/2 -2 hours and went out through the country where there were no public restrooms...
  3. I'm also so sorry! I know how much pain ONE canker sore can cause, let alone that many! My son has had 2-3 at a time and barely able to eat. I have given him the L-lysine to take when needed.
  4. My mom says I became dehydrated as a baby. In first grade, I would have to walk to the bus stop and invariably have to go to the bathroom. Mom would get aggravated about this. Once I didn't make it back to the apartment in time and she had to take me to school. Things got better until high school...