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  1. That beer sounds great! I'll keep an eye out in some of our 'boutique' type liquor stores - no Wegman's here in Long Beach, CA. I've enjoyed your posts, Raven, and your responses to mine ... I may not be around much longer so just wanted to say thanks. (Or should I say cheers?)
  2. You do realize that I hate you right now, don't you? Just joking but man that sounded good. Try switching to a non-gluten beer (Red Bridge in USA made from sorghum). Doesn't have the wonderful aftertaste and can't hold a candle to a Belgian ale but it might tell you something. Hope you get...
  3. So can gluten-free or very low gluten products be made on lines that also process wheat, or be made on machinery that also processes wheat? Would very low gluten products be suitable for someone with celiac disease (or who is the target, I wonder?) The FDA article I linked to mentioned that 2...
  4. It is interesting to me that Europe uses a standard of 200 ppm. I often read on this forum about how Europe is so far advanced compared to the US when it comes to gluten free testing, products, labeling, medical profession, and so on. We are so backward in the USA, they are so much better, blah blah...
  5. The test does not exist that can show something contains no gluten. No test is that sensitive - it's not possible. Gluten is virtually unavoidable in microscopic amounts - it's everywhere, even in 'gluten-free' flours.
  6. This doesn't seem fair to Trader Joe's to me. I don't believe they are breaking any rules by stating that something is gluten free even though it might be made on equipment that also processes wheat.