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    Cats and Siamese Rescue, crochet, cooking - and now creating edible gluten-free treats.
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  1. Don't forget the rotisserie chickens at Sam's. They used to contain gluten but now are gluten-free. I always pick one...
  2. My recipe calls for 3/4 cup yellow corn meal and 1/4 cup flour. I simply substituted 1/4 cup of Bob's Red Mill all-purpose...
  3. BethJ

    Celiac Cost Me Everything

    Raven, my heart goes out to you. I can't say more than has already been said, but you've always been there for everybody...
  4. Friends invited us to eat with them after church and they took us to Applebee's. They had a coupon which is why they...
  5. I loved the coconut ones but can't find them around here anymore. The others are so-so . . . something to keep in my...
  6. I admit I'm afraid to try them. I was getting sick from steel-cut oats months before I found out I had a problem with...
  7. BethJ


    I've had great success lately using potato starch. It's similar to cornstarch - just mix a tablespoon or two in about...
  8. At first it seemed like everything except meat and seafood caused problems but after three years gluten-free, I've narrowed...
  9. BethJ

    Gluten Free In Clayton, Georgia?

    We were in Clayton some years ago before going gluten-free and all I remember was country fried chicken, biscuits, gravy...
  10. BethJ

    Preparing For A Natural Disaster

    I try to keep my pantry well-stocked year-round so when hurricane season arrives, I don't have to go out and buy a fortune...
  11. BethJ

    Starbucks Can Kiss My ....

    Count me in. I drink iced espresso every afternoon and when I want something special, I make a Cuban coffee in my Bialetti...
  12. Signed! I'm not holding my breath but every signature helps. I can't imagine how little celiac girls must feel trying...
  13. BethJ

    Well Water Making Me Sick

    We have a well with a water softener but also have a reverse osmosis system under the kitchen sink for drinking and cooking...
  14. BethJ

    What's Your Favorite Tea? Or Favorite Beverage?

    I love my cup of after dinner tea! I just restocked my tea larder yesterday. I was almost out of Twinings Irish Breakfast...