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  1. Saw the specialist yesterday, he has ran some more bloods and urine and was reassuring it that it could be nothing. Feeling a little less anxious but still worried. Thanks
  2. Thanks, its so scary waiting, I guess once you get some more results you can just learn how to live with it, its the waiting game that is the hardest.
  3. Thank you for replies, I am an anxious mess, I suffer anxiety most of the time and this fear is just emphasised with my anxiety. I am lucky I have got into see a rheumatologist Monday. My test results also shows a possibility of Ross River Virus, but it was inconclusive and a restest is required in 14 days. I also had a virus the week before, so I am trying to think positive and maybe something else caused them to be positive although the levels were so high it has me worried, if it was lower I would think it could have been false reading but 1:1280 is very high. Thank you I really appreciate the replies
  4. Hi Its been a while since I was on the board. I had terrible pains in the hands/wrists and knuckles for 6 days, went to the GP who ran some bloods, was tested for RA and it was negative, although It showed positive ANA nucleolar pattern (Titre 1:1280) I have to see a rheumatologist. I am terrified, the report says positive results are associated with Lupus. Has anyone else had anything similar ? Thanks Lisa
  5. Thanks, will check out those jars, I got my first jar going now, hoping it doesn't go moldy, think that would put me right off
  6. Thanks I will definitely do it
  7. I have been told its about $300 AUD. I am thinking at least if I know exactly what I am dealing with I can begin to heal.
  8. I haven't been doing the fermented veggies yet and I am not buying their products, although I have started introducing some of the principles. I have cut right down on all grains and sugar, not mixing starchy veg and protein in the same meal and I have lost over 5kg in just a few weeks. I am taking strong probiotics/prebiotics from a naturopath. My stomach is feeling quite good at this present moment, first time in years. Don't want to speak too soon but so far I am seeing improvements. I did try GAPs but it wasn't for me, I found the bone broths too fatty as I don't have a gallbladder and I don't do well eating red meats. I personally have found blood type dieting to really helpful. Been an A+ blood type I read A blood types do well on B.E.D whereas a O blood type would do better on GAPs. I know a lot of people disagree with blood types and diets but in my case I have found a lot of it to be true. Oh yeah I did read that about one of their products with wheat and really disagree with them saying it would be ok... no chance I would even consider a product like that. Thanks for the replies, I will try my own homemade cultured veggies, fingers cross they are ok for me
  9. Donna Gates is the Author, it is called the body ecology diet. There is a website http://bodyecology.com/ its very restricted diet. Focus is on fermented veg, its a probiotic diet. There are a few samples on the website and recipes on the website. I have read the book, was very interesting and I want to give it 100% but as I said its very restricted. I was hoping someone could share their experiences on the diet. There is also some info on the website for those with celiac. http://bodyecology.com/articles/celiac-disease-and-gluten-sensitivity.php
  10. Hi Just wondering if anyone has had a complete digestive stool analysis and if it was worth it? I have had ongoing issues with IBS symptoms / Leaky Gut or Candida since going gluten free 4 years ago. I am not 100% sure what I have an I have been taking l-glutamine, probiotics, digestive enzymes and nothing seem to really help. I am thinking the stool analysis might give me some answers. Thanks Lisa
  11. Hi Just curious if anyone has had any success with Body Ecology Diet. Thanks Lisa
  12. Hi No not diabetic, i was told once it was more on the pancreas enzymes secretion side of things. But these lumps under my feet are very sore and the reflexologist said its the pancreas. So I am quite worried, I am going to my gp to ask for them to run some test. I am also seeing a naturopath next week. I have googled quite a bit and found that pancreas insufficiency and pancreatis are quite common with Celiacs. I had a small bowel Barrum CT which said all organs looked normal about a year ago but I am not sure how closely the looked at my pancreas, I also had colonoscopy and endo for celiac check all was good and I have had a ultrasound all was ok what could be seen but I understand its not the best at diagnosing. havent had an MRI. Thanks
  13. Hi I was diagnosed 4 years ago with Celiac, I have had ongoing digestive issues, food sensitivities, constipation, bloating and anxiety. I saw an irridologist a while ago who said it was my pancreas, since then I have seen two different Naturopaths/homeopaths who also said the same, I went to my doc concerned, they shrugged it off a little but ran some blood tests, I had follow up endo and colonoscopy all was find doc said its just IBS. Now I have very tender reflex and lumps on my pancreas (reflexology) the lumps wont go no matter how much I work them. I have been taking digestive enzymes but obviously they are not doing their job. I am very worried, I am going to go to a new GP with my concerns and see if she can do some test. Anyone have pancreas issues and how can you test ? Thanks
  14. Hi All I was diagnosed quite a few years ago, I have for the past 3-6 month been getting diarrhea which is all new to me as I was constipated for years and years. I went to the gp and she has told me my CRP level are slightly elevated and I need to have another Colonoscopy / Endoscopy. What could it be? my anxiety has been quite bad and I am quite concerned. I am such a worrier, Did anyone else have this ?? Thanks Lisa
  15. Lisa79

    Lectin Lock - Product Review

    I also look forward to your reply, Lectins are still of great interest to me too