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    Hi. I have celiac disease (dx in 2004) and DH and I also am a writer. I have an agent and am writing a book on the best gluten-free products available to celiac sufferers. (It is called "The Gluten-free Guide to the Galaxy") Several publishers/editors are v. interested! I would like very much to include a section called "Notes & Quotes" from celiac sufferers like myself on their opinions on their favorite products as well as information on how they coped with the disease when newly diagnosed/got started going gluten-free, etc.<br /><br />Please -- if interested -- send me an email with this information in it. If possible, please sign your full name and email address, phone number (for my information only if I need to get in touch with you) and realize that your information may be edited for grammar or for space. <br /><br />Thank you,<br />Janet Doggett<br />(If you have questions feel free to post on here)<br />my email is: jdwrites@comcast.net<br />
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I'm a writing professor at a small Christian New England college. I was diagnosed two years ago with Celiac disease but suspect I have had it for a number of years -- even as a youth. I have battled with bone pain, stomach pain, digestive disorders, infertility, rashes, and other ailments for years. Finally, my rheumatologist dx the celiac after finding that I had no Vitamin D in my blood. I hope to share my writing on this blog and help others with Celiac.

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