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  1. OK, I really want one now. At the bank they had one and I had a blazin headache, so I googled green mountain coffee. I found out (unley're fibbin, that all the flavors are gluten free...and had my FIRST cup of coffee in 6 months. I didn't use creamer because I didn't know if it was dairy and gluten...
  2. I've been asked what I want for a gift and it was suggested that I would enjoy a Keurig. I've never been brave enough to try it when I see them out in public... because I don't know what is gluten free. Are there alot of gluten free k-cups...coffees and teas? Is it worth it?
  3. Don't give up! I'm so tickled and thankful I don't know what to do. Woke up this mornig and weighed, I'm within 8 tenths of a pound of being UNDER 200!!!!! Whoooo HOOOOO!! I started at 242, then went on strict low carb diet, no bread, pasta etc (before being diagnosed and clueless as to why I felt...
  4. I gained weight before being diagnosed, alot of it! I tried and tried to lose these past few months and didn't budge. Since going off gluten June 2 I've lost 18 pounds...this past week I'm off dairy, soy, and just recently realised that cottonseed oil might be making me bloat again, so thats out...