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  1. Thanks guys, hope you enjoy...but accck I swear I ran a spell check, sorry about all the spelling errors.
  2. as a former dough tosser at a pizza joint my biggest worry would be contamination. There is flour flying round in the air, on everyone and everything..gluten disaster zone...they would have to have seperate everything from pans to toppings to the aprons the cooks use. For me its just not worth the...
  3. OK, I really want one now. At the bank they had one and I had a blazin headache, so I googled green mountain coffee. I found out (unley're fibbin, that all the flavors are gluten free...and had my FIRST cup of coffee in 6 months. I didn't use creamer because I didn't know if it was dairy and gluten...
  4. I've been asked what I want for a gift and it was suggested that I would enjoy a Keurig. I've never been brave enough to try it when I see them out in public... because I don't know what is gluten free. Are there alot of gluten free k-cups...coffees and teas? Is it worth it?
  5. Don't give up! I'm so tickled and thankful I don't know what to do. Woke up this mornig and weighed, I'm within 8 tenths of a pound of being UNDER 200!!!!! Whoooo HOOOOO!! I started at 242, then went on strict low carb diet, no bread, pasta etc (before being diagnosed and clueless as to why I felt...
  6. I gained weight before being diagnosed, alot of it! I tried and tried to lose these past few months and didn't budge. Since going off gluten June 2 I've lost 18 pounds...this past week I'm off dairy, soy, and just recently realised that cottonseed oil might be making me bloat again, so thats out...