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  1. WOW Sounds like a "big episode" I had in the Spring, about 2 months before going gluten free. I had been standing for about an hour ironing, stopped, called my mom on the phone (as I was still standing) and all of a sudden I told her, OMG, I feel like I'm falling, I AM, and I gently fell to the...
  2. I have had two endoscopies as an adult and had NO problems at all! The first one I didn't feel a thing, although for the second I did start to wake up as they were pulling the tube which was rather freaky but not at all painful. Really, it will be fine and if I had to have another one tomorrow...
  3. YES!!! Not to sound weird but I get happy to hear that others have the same problem as one of my twin daughters!! GERD was her MAIN symptom of Celiac; her identical twin had more typical digestive issues. We found out via Enterolab testing that she is gluten, casein (the milk protein) and egg...
  4. Lays and Ruffles have been hit or miss so we don't eat those now. The Lays Stax make me and one of my gluten-free daughters very sick even though they said they are on dedicated lines. All of the flavored gluten-free Chex cereals have made us sick, except the Rice Chex. We're disappointed about...