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  1. This very well could be a topic that should be posted elsewhere, but my "presenting symptom" almost three years ago...
  2. momxyz

    Reactivation Or Something Else?

    No, the grill is practically brand new, and nary a bun has touched it this summer! Also, my husband got this special...
  3. I've been on this forum for almost exactly two years. My daughter has been gluten free for 2 years; my 2nd year aniversary...
  4. momxyz

    How Many Have Dh, Really?

    I think there could be significant numbers of people who have Dh that don't get diagnosed. Just as with any other medical...
  5. momxyz

    Questions About Lag Time

    thanks for this post. Explains a lot of what I experienced lately, as I queried in another post. After previous "glutenings...
  6. momxyz

    Questioning My Conclusion

    I do believe my threshold is higher. My daughter, for example, is more sensitive than I. Would it make sense, that...
  7. momxyz

    Questioning My Conclusion

    thanks all. as far as continueing to eat gluten in order to pursue testing goes, I'm not really wild about that prospect...
  8. It's been a long time since I've posted... because both my daughter and I have been doing well. Won't retell our stories...
  9. momxyz

    My Mother!

    18 years ago my mother in law had most of her stomache removed due to cancer. Immediately, this changed her life style...
  10. momxyz

    Back Again

    oh yeah, she already did check Vit D! And my thyroid function. Both were low. and there was a parameter on my CBC that...
  11. for the most part, I will "ditto" conniebky's reply... but I will also add that I do understand that it can be somewhat...
  12. momxyz

    Back Again

    hi all, have not visited this forum in a while, mostly because life has been too chaotic. I have been working two jobs...
  13. momxyz

    Baking Cheap, Crunchy Snacks?

    hey guys, sorry my reply has been a bit delayed, but following is my cracker recipe. Can't claim it as my own, was given...
  14. momxyz

    Baking Cheap, Crunchy Snacks?

    Well, this won't hit the salt and fat taste buds.... but I have a simple cracker recipe that does hit the spot when I...
  15. momxyz

    Live To Eat Or Eat To Live?

    I'm another "Other"! Although I voted "Eat to Live" I do appreciate good food, and go through periods where I really...