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About Me

I came here because of my daughter...

2003 - her growth rate had dropped off, she had off and on again tummy aches etc. slightly elevated anti-gliadin IgG, negative findngs on endoscopy. Told she did not have to avoid wheat.

2008 - she had problems with constipation

2009 - she developed insomnia,anxiety and depression, and I begin finding "the Gluten Connection"

She went gluten free July 2009. Insomnia, constipation, depression improved.

It finally dawns on me that my very itchy and very persistent rash could possibly be DH

I go gluten free August 2009 - rash is slowly but steadily resolving.

  1. my little brother had quite the scar from his operation. My mother used to tell him he was special, like one of Dr. Seuss's Star Bellied Sneetches.
  2. I did do some googling, but I couldn't come up with any references that indicated a link or a causal relationship between pyloric stenosis or celiac or gluten intolerance. However, I did find out that pyloric stenosis is genetic. So if it happens that you have family members that had PS, and...
  3. wow this is interesting. I may have to do some googling... My brother, born in 1960, had pyloric stenosis.... and now has diverticulitis. I have had a rash (now resolving on the gluten-free diet) that has many of the characteristics of DH. Another brother has a rash, also on his legs....his...
  4. hey there! i'd be happy to answer your question, but I can't seem to message you back on here. Can you email me your email address at kmannear@yahoo.com? Thanks!