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  1. Tonight is chicken and dumplings! We use the new gluten free Bisquick and it makes *Amazing* chicken and dumplings...yum! We have it about once a week now Plus, it's a good way to get veggies in. Rather than use 1 cup of mixed frozen veggies like it calls for, I just dump the whole bag of veggies...
  2. It's taco night for us tonight! We had steak, Annie's Mac n Cheese, and peas last night, and White Chicken Chili the night before...Yum!
  3. Velveeta is made by Kraft (who clearly labels all sources of gluten) and YES! Velveeta is gluten free
  4. Udi's is coming out with a hot dog bun?!! When did I miss this? Wow, that would make me jump for joy! I know I saw that you can use their bagels as a hot dog bun somehow...
  5. Here is a good list to refer to if you aren't sure which General Mills products are gluten free: http://www.liveglutenfreely.com/products/default.aspx You can click on the brands on the side to see which products are gluten free, and you can also print a pocket list to take to the store...
  6. Ahhh, I understand. Thanks for clarifying!
  7. Huh? Where did you find this? Just curious, as this is not what I have learned. There are lots of grains that do not contain any gluten.
  8. I eat Ghirardelli chocolate squares everyday with no issues. The only product I see on their list that is made in the same facility as wheat products is Classic White Chip. All other products should be safe, as they are not in contact with machinery/equipment that shares wheat products. Remember...
  9. According to Clan Thompson's Celiac Food SmartList, the following root beer brands are gluten free: A&W, regular and diet (10/06/2009) Barq's, caffeine free, regular, and diet (3/23/2009) Mug Root Beer, regular and diet (12/3/2009) There are a lot more listed, but these were the brands...
  10. I use Idaho Spuds brand, they disclose on the back that they contain milk ingredients only.
  11. I got glutened at Outback the first time I ate there Now I'm scared to go back. I'm afraid my restaurant options are ZERO at this point. I've been glutened 4 times by Mi Del Arrowroot cookies, sadly, I kept thinking each time, "Can't be, they say gluten free, and they're so good!" Now, after...