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  1. sunnybabi1986

    Other Food Intolerances/senstivities?

    Thank you so much for your reply!! I was tested for Lyme(negative) and thyroid issues(all perfect). I already took the prednisone today and I feel like I should keep taking it for now, until my next dr appointment in 2 weeks. I think...
  2. So for the past 5 months I've been experiencing increasing muscle and joint pain, fatigue, anxiety attacks, mind fog and now heavier and more frequent periods. No gastrointestinal symptoms. I've been to the doctor and had a ESR rate of...
  3. sunnybabi1986

    Kix Cereal

    YIKES!! I started reading this thread, not realizing the old date, and completely flipped for a moment...I've been eating Berry Berry Kix for the past week and thought it was safe-- it is! I'm not losing my mind after all I double checked...
  4. I would email them and see if they have any suggestions, I've emailed them before and they're pretty quick to reply. They do have a recipe on the site for Coffee cake using the Baking Mix, so I can't imagine it would be too much of a stretch...
  5. HOoray! I saw some of the new ones on sale yesterday *with* a coupon attached but I didn't buy it because I'd tried them before and didn't like them much...I may have to go run and pick some up now!
  6. sunnybabi1986

    Lady Question

    I used to have fairly irregular periods before going gluten free (every 5-8 weeks), with horrific cramping. I've been gluten free for 18 months now and my periods have become regular almost to the day, every 29 days! I've *never* in my life...
  7. I use this spray often and I haven't had any problems with it. However, I know that sometimes it does drip down my throat slightly if I spray it too high up in my nose, so *if* you're super sensitive and *if* the product contains any gluten...
  8. sunnybabi1986

    gluten-free Pancakes At Ihop!

    I ate at I-HOP last month and had a great experience! I did notice on the menu that the the omelets contain pancake batter to make them fluffy, so I pulled the waitress aside explained to her that I have a "wheat allergy" and asked if...
  9. I would *Love* to see a refrigerated gluten free dough that could be formed into biscuits, crescents, or cinnamon rolls...like Pilsbury has now I so miss the convenience of popping those biscuits into the oven without making a mix!
  10. sunnybabi1986

    Soy Milk

    I have spoken to customer service representatives of Silk a few times now and they have assured me each time that there is no gluten in any of their products, processing, or on their equipment. They don't deal with any gluten products at...
  11. sunnybabi1986

    Poll- How Tall Are You?

    I'm 5'1" but it's totally genetic...my dad is 5'4" and my mom is 5'8"...I'm just a *tiny* person
  12. sunnybabi1986

    Question About Chebe Bread Mix

    I made the cheesy bread balls the other day with Sharp Cheddar and they were *Amazing*! They also mention on the package about adding herbs to make the flavor different, so I may try to throw in something interesting next time
  13. sunnybabi1986

    Chicken Broth

    I use Swanson (but keep in mind, Swanson Organic broth *does* have gluten) OR Best Choice Broth, they actually put "Gluten Free" right on the front of the box Hooray for cheaper off brands!
  14. sunnybabi1986

    Tell Me What Glutened Me From This List:

    I made this recipe awhile back and it was delicious! You make your own BBQ sauce, pour it over the meat, and cook in the crock pot(like you did) until it's nice and soft...just be sure to use a gluten free soy sauce like La Choy http...
  15. I had my wisdom teeth taken out last summer and I ate a lot of tomato soup. Here's a recipe that's fairly simple and you can use Lactaid milk to make it lactose free for you: Ingredients: 1 cup chopped onion 1 Tablespoon oil 1 Tablespoon...