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  1. Thanks KarenG, will do. I found the findmeglutenfree site yesterday, and have started researching. One place I found online was Razzi's Pizzera. They have a 3-page GLUTEN FREE menu that includes pizza, pasta, grinders, gyros, paninis, calzones, and garlic bread! I emailed them to ask...
  2. Hi all. I haven't been on this forum in ages. We just booked a family trip to Seattle in May, staying downtown. My college age son has Celiac and I would appreciate suggestions - especially pizza, bakeries, seafood and burgers. I was excited to see there is a Whole Foods just a couple of blocks...
  3. Made fish tacos for the first time ever - lightly (rice) floured cubes of ahi tuna browned in a skillet with olive oil, then served with tomatoes, guacamole, white shredded cheese and cole slaw in warmed corn tortillas. Pretty awesome!
  4. What's on your mind?

  5. I went to college in Rolla, back when it was UMR.
  6. Most health food stores carry gluten-free items, and most will special-order items for you if they don't already carry it. But with the internet you can always buy mail-order items yourself. The hard part is deciding what to buy, but eventually you figure out what things you like and don't like...
  7. Hope all is well there. We saw pictures of Joplin and it is terrible! The news said the hospital there took a direct hit. Springfield got the thunderstorm, but the tornado activity went south of us. After it passed there was a huge double rainbow!
  8. Scott City - north of Sikeston 20 miles or so. I still have a sister and my mother living in SEMO, so I have made the drive on HWY 60 from Springfield through Dexter many, many times. I've seen the sign for Fisk. We are lucky that Springfield is big enough to have some health food stores...
  9. I'm originally from a small town just south of Cape Girardeau, but have lived in Springfield, MO since college. GO CARDINALS!!!!
  10. I do love gyros, but my son is the only Celiac in the family and he has never had one. Whenever my husband and I go out to eat without the kids, I usually ask about gluten-free offerings to see if it's a place we can bring my son, and also just to show there is customer interest.
  11. I asked at our local gyro place and they said their meat did have gluten. I did not ask for any specifics.